Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Doomed to divorce

My friend said it would rain two days ago. It didn't.
The sky tried to drizzle a little the day after.
Then a little again the day after.
Then finally today, Cumulonimbus clouds invaded the sky, lightning and thunder showed their presence, wind chasing the remnants of heat away.
It finally poured.

Don't know why but I felt a sense of relief.
It seems like something I have long awaited for has arrived.
Just, just like my application for a change of room.
Applied in August, then faced a series of hurdle which I don't feel like replaying them in words,
then finally, it was approved last Saturday.

I will have a two-bedder room all to myself.
Beside my dear ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-roommate (my roommate 6 years ago)

It just felt like a divorce somehow.
Though I haven't gotten a divorce before.
Umm... not even married yet.
Not even attached yet.
But it felt like it somehow.
Getting a separation from someone you have lived with for close to 2 years.
Some emotions involved of course.
But it is peaceful.

Right now, I shall treasure the remaining time in my going-to-be-not-my room.
Though it still seems more like a torture than a pleasure.
Still find myself present in the room to sleep, to take things out of the room only.
But well, shall appreciate whatever that has come into my way.
It's not that everybody has gotten the same experience.
If I have had it, I should learn to treasure it.
Learn from it.
Take it as an additional exposure.
That has made my 2 years JC boarding school life distinctly different from my Secondary hostel life.
No ill feelings now.
At least it is a blessing in disguise.
If otherwise no one will ever get a room purely to own self.



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