Saturday, October 01, 2005

Rotting in process

It's post-prelims now. Life is stagnant. Rotten. Have not touched anything academic since last week after my LEP paper. Now I am still reaping the fruits of my previous hardwork. Can't help but filled with tremendous gratitude for my results. I PASSED GP!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in the year! For Maths, I have an overall borderline A! Even though I got a B for the first time during prelims. But this managed to send me a HUGE warning signal that I shall stop being complacent about my grades. They will never stay constant. But well, thanks to god, I still clinch an A overall. Nonetheless I will not be complacent. I will mug mug mug and mug for 'A's. It's the last lap le and I want to work my way for the best results I can ever get. I shall wait for the rainbow in March 2006.

My GP is a decent C6, even though I failed essay. But well, this is able to up my confidence by a decimal bit, at least my effort in Term 3 has shown result. Yet it is no good. It won't get me anywhere with a C. And it's kinda an insult to myself, for spending 6 years in Singapore, my English has dropped to its lowest point ever. May be the atmosphere really determines how we fare. Using Mandarin as a communicating language with friends nowadays proves to retard my English expression skills. Like now, I am struggling hard to type these words down. *sigh* There is no room for regret now. Anyway it just comes so natural to converse in Mandarin when two people from Mandarin-speaking backgrounds come together. But what I can save now is to do more GP essays and compre. Hopefully it helps...


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