Monday, October 17, 2005

Bleach is a must-have in all households!

Was panicking for the absence of suitable clothes to wear for my interview. As I rummaged through my cabinet for any sight of hopeful clothes, I saw them.
A pair of formal beige pants.
It should have brought me great joy! But instead, it delivered to me more depression.
The pants were stained at the knees portion by a population of unknown revolting rust flecks.
No amount of water could get rid of them, but just sent me goosebumps that covered my entire body.
In the end, out of exasperation, I asked my friend for bleach. Thinking that there's nothing to lose since it is already un-wearable, I dabbed some undiluted chlorate onto it.
And magically, the stains were disappearing right before my eyes!
Excited, I continued to dab and rub more chlorate onto the stained portion, and witnessed how wonder worked!
15 minutes later, all stains gone, the original beige unaltered.
I felt like declaring to the entire world MY UNDYING LOVE FOR BLEACH! It must have been the best invention ever by any inventor in the fashion field! It is magical! (Remnants of Harry Potter which I just finished reading this morning)
For future, once I have my own home, I shall make sure that the first thing I will buy for my home is a bottle of bleach. You should, too!


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