Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Good Start... yet Full of Uncertainties

It was in the afternoon when my phone rang.
When the room was dimly lit by streaks of sunlight.
When everybody was busy mugging and complaining about their empty stomach.
Then, my phone rang.
With the same old superstar ringtone composed by me!
It was my dad!
He seldom, if not never, calls in the afternoon.
So I was surprised, and worried at the same time.
Anything happened?
"Somebody called us just now, to look for you."
"To arrange an interview with you"
Oh my god! It's the Jardine Foundation!
So I called them back, and realised that I have to have the interview in the midst of my As!
I can't help it, can I?
The excitement was quickly surmounted by the cloud of uncertainty and worry.
What do I have to do? How can I perform well at both interview and exams?
The worst thing would be that I am offered a scholarship (wow!) I am offered a place in Oxford (wow wow!), but I do not have a result good enough to enter Oxford! NO! Must not allow this to happen.
Ok... shall mug now.


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