Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My first sucky interview

Oolala~ Had my first university interview today. With an interviewer who was all sick and coughing and sneezing and drinking water all the time and had an injured hand.
But don't feel like going through the painful memory again, so shan't dwell upon it.
My GP tutor told me off today that she will refuse to mark anymore of my essays if I continue commit grammar suicides. Well, it's not that I don't want to write proper English right?! Who don't want to see a nice A, or a B on the result slip? The reason is simply that I can't do it! No matter how hard I try! It is just not inborn in me!
Apparently my personal statement was checked by Hailing before it was submitted to her because she announced that she didn't want to check grammatical errors for me! Now she's finding fault with me for not being able to produce the same quality! Of course! Because I am not Hailing! Here I am desperately needing help from her and there she is officially proclaiming that she is letting go of me! I don't want to give up trying! But what can I do now? When help is nowhere to be seen, and light is just too far away and this tunnel just seems too dark!


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