Saturday, October 15, 2005

Thinking about Our Thinking Process

My friend couldn't comprehend me when I was trying to explain a complicated idea to him. He blamed it on my poor expression. But my other friend could understand me perfectly when I told her my thought. No matter how complex the issue is. Or so I thought.
It just struck me suddenly that how do I know that my thoughts are being perfectly understood by her? She may interpret it the way she understands, and it may not be my actual thought.
I argued with myself that it is not possible, as she was able to share her views on the idea.
Then once again, I debated. It may just be a view interpreted by my system the way I can see it. And may not be her original idea.
So the same thing may apply to all other areas, education, information on newspaper and all. So misunderstanding can arise, either like this or people may just continue to live in their own perception, unknowing that they are deceived.
But this is weird. If people are living in their own world of perception, then why are most things still being co-ordinated perfectly well?
So this brings me back to the point that we should have shared the same view from the same words, if we have understood it.
And this realisation is like 'wow'! How can people with separate and independent brains conjure up the same thought by the same words? Aren't we different? Why are these cells, despite being located in different bodies, still managed to produce the same understanding?
So these bombarding questions brought me back to a realisation. We aren't that different after all. Genetically, the nervous cells, which produce responds such as thoughts, are identical. So they should function the same way and produce the same kind of response, or thoughts. That's why we can have a common understanding among people.
However, emotion produced by different people will vary greatly. When faced with trying situation, some may feel challenged and excited to conquer the problem, whereas some, may be completely distressed and depressed. So this shows that while our comprehension of certain issues can be the same, the emotion produced in response to the same issue can be vastly different.
Then what causes all these different responses, when the same nerve cells are supposed to produce the response?
Let me think.
Well, there are billions and trillions of nerve cells in our body, not everyone of them will be used when subjected to the same stimulus. Only some, a group, or a few groups of them are utilised. So, may be it is because different people make use of different combination of nerve cells when responding to the same stimulus, that’s why the emotion created is dissimilar.
Which implies that everybody are capable of producing the entire range of emotions experienced by all mankind, but it is just that the we never make use of that certain sets of nerve cells.
Theoretically, it is like this.
Did I just prove myself wrong because you guys don't get what I mean? Well, if you do, it's only because you don't understand my thoughts well enough.
I shall proclaim that this is NOT my fault.


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