Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Unfunny Punning

You can see the trend yourself.
Everyday, flip open the Straits Times and you will be promised to see a few puns being used as headlines.
Today's Life says:"Faces to Watch". A headline about watches, and watch face.
Others: "A Day in the Sun", a headline introducing Stephanie Sun; "Loos talk" (to pun with "loose talk") to talk about toilet; "HANGing in HANGzhou"... These were the headlines in Life on 8 Nov 2005.
Need more evidence? 7 Nov 2005 Life says: "No Silly Billy", talking about Dongfang Billy; "Four-bulous" about Stephanie Sun and JJ Lin winning four awards each at Singapore Hit Award. 6 Oct 2005 Life says: "Can you foot his bill?" about a barefoot artist selling his work for millions of dollars; "Steeling beauty" (To pun with "Stealing") about an artist's sculptures of steel.
Ok. I do know what is a pun, and I do know that some of them are not puns, but borrowing of phrases, or alliteration, or rhyming, whatever they are called.
They are basically a play with words.
Serve to capture readers' attention.
But not when they get too many, with no quality control.
When they appear occasionally, they inject humour to the paper. When they begin to flood the page, they become boring. Especially when the puns exist for the sake of punning. When the pun does not convey any deeper meaning than its superficial meaning.
Please. Pun is effectively humorous only when they are in minute quantity with high quality, not when they bounce up every second and minute. (Ok, I know that some of you are gonna say this, "Speak for yourself Wan Xin!" For the sake of argument, the author's speaking style shall not be discussed here. :p) And you can get quite sick with the constant effort required to decode the puns. Are the content so dry that you need a play with words to keep the readers going? If you are, then most probably you shouldn't even publish the piece of information. If the information is too important that it must get into the readers' brain, then please, don't distract us with the meaningless puns.
I don't deny that these figurative language adopted do beautify the language, and bring the usage of English to a higher level, where you can have fun with the words while still carry your ideas across. When the journalists dare to use them in the national newspaper read by millions, it does say something about the level of English of the countrymen. But but but, please, use them judiciously. Allow us to stumble upon surprises, not dulled with sure-come-true prediction.
And let's just hope that the readers are wise enough to understand that these are just informal use of phrases, not to be used in formal writing.
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Verbalisation of Thoughts

I begin to understand why people take great pains to design their blog.
In the eyes of the public, words tell the most about a person, since he is given more time to process his thinking, and he need not pretend, as he is only facing themselves.
Chances are, this will not be true. As a person given more time to process his thoughts, he is given more time to alter his thoughts, so that he can appear to be the person he wishes the public to view him as. Or in other more innocent cases, the person may just be misled by his own thoughts.
No wonder we are always spending lots of time changing the template of our blog, keeping this in mind:" How will I be perceived if I post this?".
Or... is it just me alone?
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Haha... realise that I only have the blogging mood at night. Wanted to blog a lot a lot last night when I couldn't sleep, but couldn't. I don't have a readily accessible computer. Wanted to type using my handphone, but couldn't. I don't have enough storage space in my phone. So, all thoughts lost. Thank you.
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Monday, November 14, 2005


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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sardine Interview

Date: 11 November. So, I arrived at home at 10.30pm that night. Debating with my brother that Wei Jian is better than Wei Lian along the way home. Haha... Can't believe that a little 12-year old kid will be so fond of Wei Lian!

Date: 12 November. Ok. bathed, ironed my clothes for tomorrow's interview. Time showed 12am. Went to check out more information about Jardine online. But ended up showing my brother all the clips I had about Wei Jian. Haha... he became more attracted to Wei Jian and was truly amused by his performance in My Anata.

Time showed: 3am. Brothers yawning involuntarily. I let him off, and continued to check out information about Jardine. Ended up chatting with my P6 friend instead.

Time showed: 4am. Ok. I better sleep now. Mother has been waking up at the frequency of one every 30 minute to remind me how late it was already. I bade farewell to my friend, finally collapsing on my sister's bed.

Time: 6.30am. After a sleep that could be qualified as a nap, I woke up to prepare myself for the interview and packed my stuffs to go back Singapore.

Time: 9am. I arrived at Bangunan Setia 1, which is the building where Jardine is?housed. I started my last revision on my personal statement, in case they question me on it.

Time: 9.40am. I went up to the fourth floor, taking the only lift which was working, out of the six lavishly-decorated ones. Then, to my horror, I saw no sign of Jardine office at all! We went down to ask the security guard, who told us that the office could not be seen because it was not opened yet. The Jardine sign was behind a locked door that looked like an emergency door. Oh well, they were really punctual. Only appeared on the dot. Feeling relieved, I went to the washroom to check my appearance for the last time.

Time: 9.55. A female appeared,?whom I took as an admin staff. In the end, she was actually my interviewer. She was casually dressed, in t-shirts and jeans. She introduced Jardine briefly to me, then gave me an instruction: you can begin talking now. So I talked. About why I wished to enter Oxford and why psychology. She paused me frequently to ask me more about what I have just said. Ok. The main point was to get the conversation going, so that she could access my level of English. Somehow, I could speak fairly fluently (alliteration!). May be it's because she didn't look daunting.

Time: 10.30am. "Miss Low, if you haven't realised, we have spoken for half an hour." She told me, after glancing at her watch. "Really?" I exclaimed, shockingly. She smiled. "Yes." So I parted with her, unwillingly. Seldom have I found someone who's so nice to talk to. But well, I couldn't hold back time. So I left carving a smile on my face, but sulking within. Superficiality is the key to survival.

Time: 2.45pm. I arrived at Puduraya, after lunching and visiting my sister. The bus said 2.30pm, but it didn't appear till now. My mum and I went to clarify with the ticket salesman many times, only?to be dismissed impatiently. Its on the way! Its on the way! Yeah yeah if only the service sector in Malaysia could be more professional.

Time: 3.30pm. I finally boarded the bus, and chose a comfortable two seater. One for me and the other for my bag. Exhausted, I turned off quickly. Bio notes were brought back for nothing.

Time: 9pm. After 2 hours, I was still stuck at the custom. Huge jam. The security check is getting more stringent.

Time: 10pm. Finally I reached hostel. Chatting to my friends about my experience, bathed, tried to study a little more, and slept.

Date: 13 November.
Time: 11am. "Wake up! It's eleven le!" Aunty Janice came to my room for the n-th time. I woke up, feeling very headache-y, and started studying.
Life resumes as per normal.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Time is getting bad. I am trying so hard to force myself to sit down properly for at least one hour to do my revision which I should have done LONG LONG AGO. But I just can't. No matter how much I try to pester myself, to counsel myself, to advise myself, to sweettalk myself, I just can't pull myself together. I will just wonder to play Minesweeper on Joni's laptop, do silly things with the 5 Silly Girls, or to dreamland. Sorry Janice, have to trouble you to keep pulling me out from bed everyday and night. Nobody will believe that I am truly unprepared and exasperately panicked. The monster in me will just not allow me to settle down to do what I should do. Time is running up and I really want to do my best for 'A's. I really really want to. But the monster in me doesn't allow me to! Looking at everybody, even the Sec 4s and the bridging scholars working so hard makes me feel like escaping. Escape to the world with no more 'A's. I want to do well. I don't want to repeat J2. It is a memorable experience but too torturous to be repeated. I really want to do well. But I can't turn back time or re-utilise all the time that I have wasted. And I can't even promise that I won't waste anytime anymore. And I can't promise that I can be prepared for any paper. Or for the interview. But I really want to do well. I really want too...
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Demystification of Singlish exclamation

(By a Malaysian :p)

-har ~ to show uncertainty in what you have just said [eg. wat u mean, har]
-hor ~ to stress what you have just said [eg. u betta eat this, hor]
-loh ~ to show that you don't care and tints of slight frustration [eg. I dun understand wat u mean, lor]
-leh ~ to lightly plead or manja [eg. dun lyk dis, leh]
-lah ~ to show some extent of carefree-ness [eg. verry farnie, lah]
And to achieve a greater comical effect, please stop for one second before you say the Singlish exclamation. Therefore the comma is used in the examples.

Another piece of goodie brought to you proudly by the GOAT

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