Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sardine Interview

Date: 11 November. So, I arrived at home at 10.30pm that night. Debating with my brother that Wei Jian is better than Wei Lian along the way home. Haha... Can't believe that a little 12-year old kid will be so fond of Wei Lian!

Date: 12 November. Ok. bathed, ironed my clothes for tomorrow's interview. Time showed 12am. Went to check out more information about Jardine online. But ended up showing my brother all the clips I had about Wei Jian. Haha... he became more attracted to Wei Jian and was truly amused by his performance in My Anata.

Time showed: 3am. Brothers yawning involuntarily. I let him off, and continued to check out information about Jardine. Ended up chatting with my P6 friend instead.

Time showed: 4am. Ok. I better sleep now. Mother has been waking up at the frequency of one every 30 minute to remind me how late it was already. I bade farewell to my friend, finally collapsing on my sister's bed.

Time: 6.30am. After a sleep that could be qualified as a nap, I woke up to prepare myself for the interview and packed my stuffs to go back Singapore.

Time: 9am. I arrived at Bangunan Setia 1, which is the building where Jardine is?housed. I started my last revision on my personal statement, in case they question me on it.

Time: 9.40am. I went up to the fourth floor, taking the only lift which was working, out of the six lavishly-decorated ones. Then, to my horror, I saw no sign of Jardine office at all! We went down to ask the security guard, who told us that the office could not be seen because it was not opened yet. The Jardine sign was behind a locked door that looked like an emergency door. Oh well, they were really punctual. Only appeared on the dot. Feeling relieved, I went to the washroom to check my appearance for the last time.

Time: 9.55. A female appeared,?whom I took as an admin staff. In the end, she was actually my interviewer. She was casually dressed, in t-shirts and jeans. She introduced Jardine briefly to me, then gave me an instruction: you can begin talking now. So I talked. About why I wished to enter Oxford and why psychology. She paused me frequently to ask me more about what I have just said. Ok. The main point was to get the conversation going, so that she could access my level of English. Somehow, I could speak fairly fluently (alliteration!). May be it's because she didn't look daunting.

Time: 10.30am. "Miss Low, if you haven't realised, we have spoken for half an hour." She told me, after glancing at her watch. "Really?" I exclaimed, shockingly. She smiled. "Yes." So I parted with her, unwillingly. Seldom have I found someone who's so nice to talk to. But well, I couldn't hold back time. So I left carving a smile on my face, but sulking within. Superficiality is the key to survival.

Time: 2.45pm. I arrived at Puduraya, after lunching and visiting my sister. The bus said 2.30pm, but it didn't appear till now. My mum and I went to clarify with the ticket salesman many times, only?to be dismissed impatiently. Its on the way! Its on the way! Yeah yeah if only the service sector in Malaysia could be more professional.

Time: 3.30pm. I finally boarded the bus, and chose a comfortable two seater. One for me and the other for my bag. Exhausted, I turned off quickly. Bio notes were brought back for nothing.

Time: 9pm. After 2 hours, I was still stuck at the custom. Huge jam. The security check is getting more stringent.

Time: 10pm. Finally I reached hostel. Chatting to my friends about my experience, bathed, tried to study a little more, and slept.

Date: 13 November.
Time: 11am. "Wake up! It's eleven le!" Aunty Janice came to my room for the n-th time. I woke up, feeling very headache-y, and started studying.
Life resumes as per normal.


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