Wednesday, December 14, 2005

the Artists of 04S73

1. Just in: An ultra smart guy who raises our class reputation in the field of academics. Still remember the chem practical session when he tried to dissolve a filter paper using conc HCl. Always irritate Rudy but Rudy loves it anyway.

2. MP Ho: Musically-talented MP, my uncle and my angel. Will he be the first to be such an MP? I don't know. Thanks lots for helping me to boost my confidence during Geyao, though screwed up my performance in the end...
3. Hooxy: The first girl whom I talked to, who confused and depressed me then by telling me that our class is a triple-science one. Always so artiscally dreamy and demure. But can turned very crazy when the topic is Junyang. I will always remember the time when we went to catch a glimpse of the Superstars. Thanks to her we got so close to them. But sadly she forgot to bring her camera.
4. Mashimaro: My father neh... Ok. I know this relationship didn't work out. Seemed like he has undergone huge transformation in terms of looks. Succeeded anyway, but I still prefer to remember you as the guy with centre-parting. but he is a kind and caring guy.
5. Mrs Lee: My sister neh... Who is always there to cheer me up, to console me when I am down, to tell me to ignore the guys' comments. Still remember her being very frustrated cuz the class was too cheena. But hopefully she's satisfied with the class now, since she has found someone to love her.
6. Mr. Lee: The muscular canoeist who always rolled his eyes whenever I lowered the temperature of the environment. Thanks to him class chalet 1 was not boring, as we were deeply immersed in the playstation he brought.
7. Pork: Cat of the class according to John neh. She's so small that she can curl like a cat on a crouch and sleep. Together we been through many song sessions, and remember the pain we took to find a suitable key for her. Think she will do very well if she decides to open a shop selling stationery which she personalises.
8. THE councillor: The girl who couldn't quite stand me at the beginning of last year. But hope that things have smoothened out. Will always speak up for her right and position. Still remember when she quarreled with the lab tech who fined the class for test tubes.
9. Li Jie: I accidentally drew many ugly smiley faces on her chem 04 paper, when trying to imitate the cute little boy she sketched. She always gives me the impression being self-disciplined. May be it's due to her neat looks.
10. Siyu: The master of zen whom I am so grateful to have her as my PW comrade. If she ever writes a book about zen I promise to be her first reader. Always look so calm, as if she is not bothered by the storm outside her peaceful world.
11. Xiao Long Bao: My daughter neh… By mitosis. She never gets angry no matter how much you irritate her and this is certified by me who is the best irritator. She is so cute, you just want to pinch her whenever you see her. But caution! She has deep thinking. That’s why wanbao loves her.
12. Mousie: My huayun work partner neh. Was quite close to her since huayun period. Don’t understand why she always thinks that she is fat when she has no more fats to lose. She will always be there with me whenever I want to play games with the guys during PE lessons.
13. The queen of Birds: My mortal for the first 3 months neh... I was forced to adopt her after her angel, who was my mortal left after cny to aus. Was very afraid of her when she started showing her cynical side after the first three months. But I am over it already, and have grown to lover her. She does have her feminine side as well, which is especially apparent after she is attached.
14. Chopin: The entertainer of the class neh. But somehow I always think that he is a lot more than that. He has deep thoughts which he seldom reveals. But I really wonder how he is able to come up with so many interesting jokes and stuff. He steals the limelight by his mere presence.
15. Low low: The guy with the same initials as me neh… Somehow my outside friends are able to guess his Chinese name by merely telling them his initials. Hope that he is strong enough to endure all the turbulence in life. I am really concern about him.
16. Weisi: Pink, pink and pink. Really wonder how many pink clothes she has. But well, she looks good in pink, so what more I can say? Sorry for always joking about you and uh-hmm. Hope you won’t mind.
17. Peach: There is too much about you and me already. So ‘nuff said. Just to tell you that I love your mega-watt smile, and love the time, every single minute and second I have had with you. Thanks for helping me to solve problems, esp you-know-what.
18. Set: Very stressful when the only other ASEAN scholar in the class is a national top scorer neh.. But he broke/sprained/fractured his ankle upon knowing his O level results. Try to be lame? Continue to try HARD! But he is quite there already la.
19. Yong quan: The pyjamas man. He looked astonishingly handsome on prom night. $600 is worth it. And you deserve it fully, after working so hard over the two years and before you entering the grueling BMT. All the best neh!
20. Mollie: I owe him an apology for showing such bad attitude during the PW period. But well, glad that things turned out better between us at the last few months. He is funny and da4 fang1. Will allow us to joke about him and not get angry,
21. Ming Zhen: The mysterious guy in the class, who seemed heck care about the class affairs, but always turned up for gatherings and outings. Very skillful basketball player neh… Always scores like nobody’s business. well, it’s really nobody’s business la.
22. Ladybird: The only female classmate I ever had in the hostel. Always being so motherly and caring to the childish me. Thanks for helping me to move house, to study with me and organizing LEPer outing. I am sorry I couldn’t make it…
23. Bangla: Hope you won’t mind this nickname. But I am amazed that he actually had the mood to insult my complexion 5 minute before the commence of bio paper 3. But well, he is a very responsible welfare rep, even though he sometimes produced belated class birthday presents.
24. Doctor tAng: Still remember how he pronounced his surname when clarifying with some tutor neh. So farnie. He did his CT rep job so well, that we once thought he is irreplaceable (But now we know he isn’t, since there’s an ereneh). Thanks for taking up the formidable task of bringing the class together.
25. Ereneh: She is one of my greatest regrets in JC. Really wish I could know her better. But well, at least I know that there is this nice person existing on earth. She always works silently behind the scene to ensure that the class gels together. Great job!
Any comment about the last artist who's left out here? Leave your comments!
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