Sunday, December 04, 2005

Closure of JC Chapter

Strangely after my last paper, I felt ultra lost. After reaching my room, I just opened my windows, and stared into the blue dusk sky, not knowing what to do. It didn't feel like it's the beginning of fun, but the ending of things that we have been striving so hard for, for the past two years. All the notes that once meant so much to us are just papers to be recycled. Study table useless. School bag only to be converted to travel bag. A surge of loneliness and depression flooded me, and I just sank into it helplessly, unable to get out, didn't want to leave that torturous emotion either.
JC life has definitely altered my attitude, my life and my view towards Singapore. I am really fortunate to be in this class. Guess most of us would feel this way too. Things were rocky initially, with so many odd people like me. We have cliques, some of us were left outside the social circle, we bitched about each other. But in J2, things got miraculously better. All of us found a niche in the class, and our lifestyle was influenced by everybody. We were willingly influenced. Like following the claps, speaking in funny accent... I must admit that other class may not be able to accept a radical person like me. So I am eternally grateful to be in this class. Somehow, we just fall into places so perfectly. There are very few classes which can be like us. After the class chalet, we had nothing to do, but just didn't want to part. So we lingered about the shopping centre aimlessly. But that was fun.
I shall miss all these moments because I can never re-live them. I shall store them in the safest software in my memory because they are just so precious to me. It is really the most memorable part of my life. Seldom can I find so many talkable classmates. All of us are special in the class in our own way, and without any of us, the jigsaw of 04S73 would never be complete.
04S73, may us never part. May we always have gatherings. May the influence of the adult world never pollute our friendships and relationships. May......
I love you all...


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