Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A day at Home

Used the net till 5am today, kena scolded by my mum and dad and my sis for countless number of times. Then woke up at near 11am. Ate breakfast at 11, helped at the kitchen to prepare lunch. I washed rice and cut mangoes which I practically finished up half of them. Then lunch at 1pm. Oh my gosh. So that's my mum's diet plan for me. How brilliant. But well, I did do something constructive in the afternoon. To unpack my stuff and settle them in my much-abandoned room. A lot of work neh. Felt so stupid. I just squeezed everything in boxes days ago and now I am unpacking all of them again. Feel that my actions are so meaningless. But well, they are necessary... Was so worn out by another round of clearing of unnecessary stuff in my room. The rubbish I have accumulated over the years.
But now at least my room looks more like a room. And a little more touch up will make it seem more personalised. I will do it. Soon...


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