Saturday, December 17, 2005

I am so bored. This is weird. We always long for holiday, but when it's finally here, we are at a loss of how to spend the time. Hmm... Ok. Strictly speaking, I am still fine with it la. Not too bored. Da Vinci Code is really an amazing triller. Ok I know I am slow, but I still feel lucky to have a chance to read it. It keeps you on hold when the story is just at its climax, closes that chapter, brings you to the other story, which is equally exciting, then stops again, then back to the first story. It's fun reading it, nonetheless tiring. I won't want to read other Dan Brown's novels anymore. I read for leisure, not to drain up my energy. Dan Brown always make me feel so worn out after reading. I still prefer novels which are plainer, not that complicated. Umm.. I can sense a change in my attitude liao. Last time I used to ask my mum to buy the entire series of something-like-CSI books for me in Primary 6. But what happened now?
Ok shall not dwell too muchon myself. That's boring. I was tagged by Yunli long ago. I shall answer them now.
5 random facts about me:
  1. I love red roses and white lilies. Maybe sunflowers too. Any naturally-scented flowers will do. So 俗气...
  2. I hate to be controlled but don't like to make decision.
  3. I want to travel to Egypt, Norway, Bhutan and Turkey...
  4. My ears are sensitive to non-silver, non-gold, non-plastic ear rings.
  5. I love night-walking with friends. The serene ambience is just perfect for friends to talk their hearts out.

Ok. Anyone ho wanna do just this just do la. Don't feel like haunting others' tagboard.


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