Sunday, December 25, 2005

I think I must be crazy. Went all the way to Singapore just for class dinner. This dinner is so expensive neh...
Put up at jy's home. We had a seemingly-fun-but-actually-it's-plain-boring jalan-jalan along the stretch of Orchard Road on Christmas' eve. We endured the uncountable puffs of smoke while waiting for TXY, polluted by smell-like-hairgel foam, pushed our way through the ultra crowded crowd. Half of the Singaporeans must be out on the streets on that day. But poor Yunli had more to endure. She was wearing a pair of 2-inch heels neh. And the cruel us actually walked from Orchard MRT all the way to the Esplanade! Then rushed from the waterfront back to Cityhall MRT to catch the last train! Poor thing poor thing.
We didn't manage to countdown. We didn't even realised that it's 12am already! I was busy giving directions to Mr. and Mrs. Tang then to the waterfront. So, no celebrations. But we prank called WLS and Xavier. The former threatened to submit us to the police for nuisance call. Terrified, we guai guai owned up to him. *sigh* He is not that fun-loving after all.
I spent my entire christmas dating hailing. Can't believe it. We went to Jaspar's church to join their christmas celebration, but was chased out by boredom.
So, that's all for Christmas. Nothing much but filled with tiny little minute stuff. Oh yeah, with diarrhoea too. Twice on the eve, thrice in the morning of Christmas. Till JY mama treated me with anti-diarrhoea medicine. But well, that's the end of my Christmas. And the beginning of many more days of feeling loss and lonely.


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