Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weird People

I am placed in a familiar environment but am surrounded by strangers. Very weird strangers. Who shout and scream in the computer room as if they are the only occupants. Who mumble to the computer screen and laugh at himself. Who study day and night long like there's As tomorrow when they are just bridging scholars to enter sec 3. Who speak like, or try to speak like Americans when their English vocabulary is as limited as the gene pool of Cheetah. Who stare at your computer screen intensely without being care if you are uncomfortable. Who plug off the internet cable from you computer without guilt even when you are using it. Who do not understand why Chinese in the non-China region have to learn Chinese. Who view all Malaysians as terrorists just because majority of the citizens are Muslims. Who think that the entire world revolve only around them.
I don't know why there is such a huge cultural difference. I have stayed with them for 4 years but am still totally not used to it. Every year there will be a new batch coming. Each with different habits, but they all bear the same trademark:"beyond understanding".
Gosh. There are four of them around me now. One banging his fingers on the keyboard so hard that my computer screen is shuddering. No wonder the computers here are always spoilt. The other one emitting funny noise that I believe is laughter right behind my ears. I don't know you sir. The other one keeps giving commands and commentaries when his friends are obviously more interested in the game than his words. The last one is helping himself on the keyboard as if the rate of it being destroyed is not fast enough.
Darn. This is one reason why I am reluctant to study in Singapore because it is progressively being conquered by these funny people. You hear them anywhere, you see them anywhere. You even smell them anywhere.
The person who can't accept new phenomenon will not survive. This is the rule of evolution. I shall be kicked out of the world race soon. But at least I maintained my own integrity and preception.
I shall depart now. The smell is suffocating me.


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