Sunday, January 29, 2006

Before Chinese New Year

2 months before cny,
1. Spring cleaning begins
2. House renovation for many
3. Mild diet
4. Purchase of new year clothes

1 month before cny,
1. Making of new year cookies
2. Purchase of new furnitures
3. Painting of houses
4. Intense spring cleaning
5. Abrupt change of living style to a proper one so as to prevent any more breakouts.
6. Saloon extends working hours to 10.30pm due to overwhelming number of customers requesting for hair cut, dyeing of hair, hair rebonding, hair curling...
7. Shopping centres start hiring more part-timers like me to handle to crowd.
8. Shopping centres and banks start giving out angpaus as free gifts.

9.Shopping centres start playing new year song tracks.

1 week before cny,
1. Purchase of new year goods eg. mandarin oranges, drinks, more cookies, decorations, offerings.
2. Most homes are done up.
3. Purchase of fire crackers.
4. Children start playing fire crackers.

1 day before cny,
1. Prayers begin.
2. People start driving around to look at deco of other homes.

1 night before cny,
1. Price of new year goodies decrease to their lowest.

2. Police start roaming around to collect new year bonus.
3. Sounds of fire crackers heard everywhere.

At 12am,
1.. Continuous free show of fireworks for at least 2 hours.
2.. Parents start getting broke.

And so the red hot cny begins.


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