Friday, January 27, 2006

Got literally disconnected from computer for the past one week due to a number of reasons: My brothers taking turns to hog on the computer, my working hours getting later, and more new year chores to complete.
Well, I finally told my supervisor my intention to quit. It was really a tough thing to do. I reached there half an hour early to inform her about it. But it was only an hour after my work starts that I managed to squeeze out the phrase 'I want to quit' from my mouth. And I felt so bad after that. She tried to hold me back by suggesting a pay increase. Though a minimal one. But sorry. I gotta leave. Life is really boring there, with nothing much to learn, no many customers to serve. And I have serious communication problem with my malay partner. (I must admit that my malay standard has deteriorated tremendously) Language is really the essential tool for communication. Sometimes she can get frustrated because I can't convey what I wish to say properly. And I will get frustrated as well. The only attraction for me to work is the friends I made there. Most of the promoters there are around my age. Waiting for results. Nowadays we not only have chatting sessions but also eating session. People bring new year cookies their mums made for us to try. Today will be my last day of work, before I set off for Chinese New Year. A little sad, but much relieve. I am sick of the complication in work.
Participated in preparation for new year for the first time in six years. I never knew that cny preparation can be such a heavy and complicated task. First there is spring cleaning. Then comes cookies baking session. After that is shopping for new year clothes and new year needies. We had to travel everywhere to look for the the stuff we need at the cheapest price. And there are so many things to buy! Offerings, LOTSA food, drinks, mandarin oranges, cookies, deco pieces.... And after all these still have to deco the house up. I must admit that it can get really stressful at times. Was still hanging clothes at 1am last night after my work! But well, at last I got to join in the prep work. Really excited over new year!
What holds me for future? I don't know which uni to apply to, which scholarship I should try, and even what job I should take up next. I don't know where should I stay when I return to collect my results, what result will I get, what I should do with whatever results I get. I don't even have a prediction for my results!
Really scared to face the future, for it is too intimidating. I understand that it is just a transition period, and when I look back after five years, everything would seem so easy. But for now, it's just too intimidating.


Blogger cloudsafloat said...

hey! Pls start packing n come over to merlion island! U can bunk in with Miss Peach. :)

11:12 PM  

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