Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I live in such an ulu place. We don't have what even rural areas have. What we have here are already unseen in other places.
We live in trees. Trees in the primary forest are so tall that we have to reach our home using lift.
We have no electricity supply. We can only generate electricity ourselves using solar energy.
We have no water supply. We have to distill seawater to obtain drinking water.
There is no currency here. Our wallets are empty. Only credit cards can be used.
We have no agriculture. The land here is so infertile that we have to resort to aeroponics and hydroponics.
We have no computers. We have so little land that we can only accommodate laptops and palmtops.
We have no schools. The architecture here is so elemental that we have to receieve education via distance learning programmes.
We have no cars, buses, vans, motorcycles and even bicycles. There are no road systems. We can only travel by planes and helicopters.
There is no postal service. Jobs are horrendously scarce. Any information can only be transmitted via the internet.
We watch no movies in cinemas. People here are too unsociable. They watch at personal movie screen.
Sigh. I am saddened by the speed of the development. How I wish I can effect some changes in this village so that people here can have a better life.
God help me...


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