Saturday, January 14, 2006

I tried spreading the habit of spamming tagboards to my other friends. And the first target was Ming Hui, cuz he's one with an active tag. Well, let me confess. I am the bittergourd. Of course this is not the only name I used. Hiakhiakhiak. His friends responded well. I guess his blog tag will never be the same from now on. Hiakhiakhiak. Actually I seriously think that there is no need for confession, as I guess our class people are the only ones whose tagboards are constantly being spammed.
Out of depression and boredom, I decided to visit the blogs of friends whom I am never close to. To peek into their life. To know them beyond their looks. Blogs are good. They allow you to know more about others without being scandalous, as you are the only one who know about your curiosity. Well, that's as long as you don't tell others.

Next, comes my own theory of love.
  1. When you have to utilise reasons to convince yourself that you like a person, most of the time, you have not liked him/her strong enough to let you feel it instinctively. Love should be realised naturally, or even irrationally, not as a conclusion.
  2. When you believe that events happening around you are signs that you two are not matched, chances are you are actually doubting your love or him/her love. If love is strong enough, any event will be regarded as a test or challenge, not an indication of weak love.
  3. If you confess to the person just before you two part and you know that the paths of you two will never cross again, chances are, you like the person. But you don't like the him enough to want to be together with him/her.


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