Monday, January 30, 2006

New Year? Yes new year is here. Perhaps I was too excited about it this year, such that when it finally arrived, I couldn't feel anymore excitement about it. It didn't feel much different. Except that I got the chance to change into new outfits everyday and do make-ups.
Day 1 was dedicated to my p6 friends. As usual. My friend picked me up at 1015 when the meeting time was 10am. Then we went to the gathering point, where there's only me and her present. At 1030, there're only four. We began to fear. Maybe this everyone is bored with our annual gathering because it has been the same thing for 8 years. House hopping. I can't even differentiate every year's gathering because the events have been roughly the same. But well, I thought it's a tradition that we would treasure.
Fortunately'A', things turned out much better at 11. There were 20 plus people. Not bad. Almost half the class are still keen about it. Not being punctual is a habit of Chinese. I shall learn to understand. Cuz I am one of them too.
So we hopped and hopped till 8pm, tasting pineapple cookies at every house I visited and finally decided that I like the ones I made the best. Then we parted to bathe before gathering at my friend's house for gambling session. I didn't gamble of course. I merely taught my friend how to play mahjong and read the silly letters I wrote to my friend for the past 6 years. And through these I refreshed my memory of how I viewed Singapore when I first arrived.
At 3am, my friend who won 60+ decided to treat us bah kut teh. 2 person's meat, 3 bowls of rice and 4 glasses of drinks actually cost him 27+! No wonder these people don't mind opening shops during new year cuz they can charge double. But well, why sacrifice celebration for money?
At 4am, I sank in my tweety bed in exhaustion. House hopping shall continue later.


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