Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh Love! Thy Name is Mystery

Too many people have tried to come up with too many interpretations of various aspects of love. Some MAY BE true, some are simply shallow and crappy. Oh love, why are so many people interested in you? You are just an attention-seeking creature.

Nonetheless, I shall just put foward some of the theories of love which I find interesting and true.

1. 'Love is a combo meal.' You have to accept the person's strength as well as well as his weaknesses. Isn't this what the other party is doing to you as well?
Well, the greatest flaw in women is greed.
I ain't perfect, but that doesn't mean I can't aspire for perfection.
He accepts me, but that doesn't mean I have to accept him in return.
You asked me,' When will you need a life partner?' I don't know. But I will know once he is here.
2. We will never forget the moments when we were in love and the reasons why we broke up. It is just that we will never mention it. Whoever who mentioned the past when we meet up again, he or she is he one who cares more about the loss. Why should I show that I care?
Some relationship ends without love or hatred. It was only a process. A page to be flipped over.
Some relationship never grew. That's why people long for it even more.
We will never forget every moment of love and being love. No matter what happened in the end, they have still once brightened up our life.
3. Can relationship be as easy going as this? You only need to accept what's good about your partner, but never his imperfections.
You admire his talents, but you need not appreciate the way he cuts his toe nails and dig his nose.
You love to chat with him, but don't need to put up with his habits of taking food with bare hands.
You wish to spend the rest of your life with him, but you need not breathe in his body odour.
Love is elegant. But in life itself exists too many inelegant elements.
Two persons can overcome all barriers and obstacles to be together. But once they are together, they begin to realise all the tiny differences and habits that set them apart. Tiny, but never negligible.
Love is normally not defeated by grave mistake, but diluted by the micro elements of life.

adapted from 张小娴's “永无止尽的怀抱”


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