Thursday, February 16, 2006

Can we still be friends?

Don’t bother to ask this question at the end of a relationship. Because the answer will be a firm yes, and the answer as reflected in the reality is always a ‘sorry, it’s impossible.’
Men are not genius or ultimate rational beings who can clearly sieve away their hatred, anguish… together with the closure of the relationship chapter. Who can still resume a normal friendship after being hurt? Being rejected?
We are mortal. Getting an ‘F’ in relationship = Losing a friend whom you once cherish dearly. Any further question or reaffirmation of friendship is nothing but a meaningless gesture of formality.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Should liking someone be like listening to songs? As long as the music sounds good overall, it is then considered a good song?
Or should it be like eating a meal? A little bit too salty, too bland, your entire impression of the dish is ruined.

Should you enter a relationship with lots of beautiful dreams and promises, and cling onto the hope that they all turn into reality, but at the same time take the risk that they may be shattered one by one?
Or should you enter one with imperfections, and hold on to the hope of perfecting each slowly, but at the same time take the risk that they may never be improved?

You can really choose, but no one can promise you the outcome. Until you have tried. By then, everything is already too late. Or just in time for celebration.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

The Goddess of Venus shot her arrow everywhere, and she reaped her most rewarding fruit today. In the evening when she was called upon by her mum to cook rice for dinner, her dad heard and exclaimed,"Today's Valentine's Day leh, why are you(Goddess' mum) still cooking? Let's eat out!"

The goddess was surprised. She didn't realise that she has accidentally shot her parents with the love arrow. It was the first time her dad took notice of this event in 25 years of his marriage. The goddess was touched. Guess her mum was, too. The goddess' genuine suggestion of them having a dinner themselves was outrightly rejected by her dad. So they went out for a simple dinner. As one family. It was simple. But sweet. And touching.

So the goddess' Valentine's Day had a nice ending. Not to forget her gathering with other 2 singles. Lovely. The goddess shall have sweet dreams tonight 'cuz her day was filled with all loving moments.

The goddess loves her parents...

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Day

It's the time when Mars and Venus are at their closest distance with no scientific proof, it's the time when floral, jewellery or chocolate shops are earning their big bucks, it's the time when couples are freaking out and draining their brain juice to get the thing their other half likes, it's the time when radio stations are receiving stereotyped dedications.
It's the time for Valentine's Day. The day that means nothing special to kids, romantic for couples, lonely day for singles, and heart-breaking day for those who have just broken up.
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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Greatest Event in My Boring Life

I know I have not updated this blog recently. Today, I sat in front of the laptop screen, trying real hard to think of anything I can blog here. Nothing interesting. Unless sleeping till 1pm is something worth telling. Wanted to tpe down what I feel about jing1 zhi1 yu4 nie4, the tvb drama that was so enchanting and depressing, but well, I find no words that can accurately describe how I feel after the show. When I am very captured by the show, I simply weeped. Not mouth out anything. It's really a good show. It's now in my top three wishlist.
Ok. I have diverted from my topic. So well, as I continued staring into the screen I saw the litte scar on my right little finger. That reminded me of the nightmarish event that occurred few days ago (Everyday was so the same that I couldn't even distinguish everyday!). I broke a glass container! Yes. That's all. And it succeeded to emerge the greatest event in my life for the past one week.
The actual event: One evening, when I was about to take out dishes from the fridge to reheat as dinner, a container containing some vege slipped out of my hand and committed suicide. The glass splattered like fireworks and a few of them splashed onto my right hand and leg. It left a nice little cut in the middle of the middle portion of my little finger. I didn't take notice of it initially, since it was only a tiny cut. But when I was clearing up the mess, I realised that the entire middle portion of my tiny finger was stain with blood. And my feet too. Apparently the cut was tiny but deep. So I washed the blood off and continued my cleaning work. It wasn't long before I had to dash to the sink again.
So that's all. But it was enough for me to manja and complain to my mum for the rest of the night when she returned from work.
So this was the greatest event in my life.
The cut will heal eventually. And this event will be forgotten. Just like many other events in my life. They may seem great and impactful for that moment of time. But when the heat fades, the memory will pale, and they can have a clean exit out of my life, leaving no evidence of their ever presence.
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2 cents worth

A friend of mine has just broke up. A new friend of mine broke up weeks ago and she still deeply hurt. A good friend of mine broke up last year and she still hasn't gotton over it Are relationships at this age simply too vulnerable to withstand the trials of time, too weak to accept each other's faults, too half-hearted to treat each other well?
Wounds may heal with time. But many a times they don't. They are only forgotten. In a quiet night, in a peaceful morning, they may just reappear to hurt you over and over again.
At least you have realised that you two aren't that matched after all. At least you realise this early. Before you commit into it even more. If he can't be loyal now, he may not be loyal in the future. So why not let go now? Get hurt now. At least it's not too deep a cut. At least you still have the time to heal yourself. Cry out, when you need. Talk to friends, when you are lonely. When your relationship fails you, at least you still have your friends. I know it's two different things, but at least you have not lost everything.
Please, be ready to commit to a relationship when you enter one, and not just empty promise that you may unable to hold up to. Never play a fool with a relationship, cuz the other party may be serious, or you may turn serious in the end.
I know what I have just said may mean rubbish to you. Cuz it's all theories of mine. But really. I hope it does a tiny whiny bit of help. I really wish to help.
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