Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2 cents worth

A friend of mine has just broke up. A new friend of mine broke up weeks ago and she still deeply hurt. A good friend of mine broke up last year and she still hasn't gotton over it Are relationships at this age simply too vulnerable to withstand the trials of time, too weak to accept each other's faults, too half-hearted to treat each other well?
Wounds may heal with time. But many a times they don't. They are only forgotten. In a quiet night, in a peaceful morning, they may just reappear to hurt you over and over again.
At least you have realised that you two aren't that matched after all. At least you realise this early. Before you commit into it even more. If he can't be loyal now, he may not be loyal in the future. So why not let go now? Get hurt now. At least it's not too deep a cut. At least you still have the time to heal yourself. Cry out, when you need. Talk to friends, when you are lonely. When your relationship fails you, at least you still have your friends. I know it's two different things, but at least you have not lost everything.
Please, be ready to commit to a relationship when you enter one, and not just empty promise that you may unable to hold up to. Never play a fool with a relationship, cuz the other party may be serious, or you may turn serious in the end.
I know what I have just said may mean rubbish to you. Cuz it's all theories of mine. But really. I hope it does a tiny whiny bit of help. I really wish to help.


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