Monday, March 06, 2006

Results Over

Ok. Results is out. It's now time for regrets. That I have never viewed GP as seriously as my main papers, that I have never done my s papers tutorials properly, that I have chosen the wrong s paper......
But really, these regrets are just useless. They can do nothing to revert my situation. Now, it's not the time to moan about the past, but to plan for the future, which seems so bleak. Apparently FASS in nus is really a dumping ground, apparently psychology in Singapore isn't as strong as what I perceived, apparently the prospect of psychologist is not as bright as the what the psychologists claim, apparently the demand for organisational psychologist is still low, apparently I am not interested in other courses as I was too focussed on psychology, apparently I am inadequate to compete with the rest of the 4As.
Seems like I still have to choose courses other than psychology, should I study in nus; seems like I still have to be thick-skinned to apply for scholarships; seems like there's still never-ending number of essays that I should write, even though GP paper is over; seems like the decision making path is tougher than ever.
Dear yunz, thanks for accomodating me in your home. Your home is real lovely.


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