Saturday, March 18, 2006


Recently I found our another weird habit of mine. I love taking cold showers. May be it's because of the horrible weather nowadays. May be it's because I need to cool myself down to think logically for everything that have grave concern with my future. But this is really contradictory with my past habit of taking 40 degree celcius bath!

So I came back to Malaysia on Monday, kidnapping Yunz along, ignoring her brother's soft but consistent requests that we don't leave so soon and her mother's slight disapproval as she feels that Malaysia is dangerous. But well, I managed to get her here eventually. We spent the first day slacking at home, completing our scholarship application essays followed by slight shopping around my hometown.
The next day we shopped around in KL, and the Set joined in this only-girls-will-be-able-to-enjoy process. But he was really helpful. Not only did he bring us to the famous chicken rice stall but also help us to carry our conquests, as me and Yunz were already very loaded with her luggage. But he was wearing ultra formally that day, you know, collared shirts and pants as he just escaped from work, so it seemed as if a daddy was bringing two kids out. In fact, he was addressed by a charity worker who seemed to be much older than us as 'mister' and 'koko'! Haha. That was definitely hilarious. Me and Yunz laughed uncontrollably till the charity worker glared at us impatiently. We did enter this 'weird hobby' shop, where we saw a lot of prank toys and horny stuff. Kinda sickening. But some were really interesting. Like a torchlight which gives you slight electrical shock upon pressing.
Actually before the shopping we went to purchase Yunz's return bus ticket. To be frank, I wasn't very sure where the ticket counter is. But thanks to Yunz the lucky star, we got there in our first try. The lucky star shone again at night when we tried to return to my sister's house to stay. Again, I wasn't very sure of the location as I have only been there once. But we managed to reach there safe and sound. Yumcha aka had supper at 12am, gossiped awhile before succumbing to tiredness, as we only slept at 7am the night(?!) before. Haz.
After sending her off I met up with Ming Hui for an ultra quick and brief lunch. Thanks for the treat dude! While he set off for work, I went wondering in the streets of KL to look for a pillow. When I eventually got it, I realised I was lost in the bustling streets as I practically didn't bother to remember the path I took. So I wondered on the streets again under the hot sun (I must have become a tone darker since then), gave up, asked a shopkeeper for help, only to realise that the bus station was right ahead of me.
That's it. Returned home feeling a little disoriented, after spending so long in Singapore. Shall slowly return to the Malaysia me. But for now, I am still drown in essays and uni application. Sucky.


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