Friday, April 21, 2006

Recently I went back to Singapore again. For my 1st interview with SIA Cargo which I guess I have flunked it. And SIA Cargo is seriously far away from civilisation. I spent like 6 plus bucks just to travel to and fro from the head office. Not to include my travelling expenses from home to the merlion land.
The trip was supposedly fine should I have not decided to go shopping in Bugis when Hailing and I met up. It was the starting point for a series of unfortunate events. Firstly we decidewd to venture into this six-storey shopping block(I shall not address it as the shopping centre, cuz it's too small to be considered as one) called ICON. Our enthusiasm was immediately extinguished by the truth we witnessed. It was just a tiny buiding with many tiny shops uncomfortably squeezed inside with uninteresting merchandise for sale. So we swept past all floors quickly and decided to go on to the Bugis street.
That's where the worse arrived. We went into this shop on the second floor and decided to try out the denim skirts and jeans. Feeling dissatisfied, we walked out. An act which is perfectly normal for shoppers. We aren't obliged to buy at every shop we visited. And I actually mumbled a THANK YOU before we left. So polite. However, while we were browsing jeans at the other shop, the shopkeeper, which is a middle-aged man, came to us and said,
Before we have the chance to recover from the shock, he disappeared into the crowd again.
What have we done? Or what have we not done? The only thing we have done in the shop was to try out the clothes. The only thing we have not done was to make purchase. Even a salesgirl working on her first day would be able to understand this common phenomenon. Were we wrong? Did our actions offend him in any way? We didn't stare at him rudely the way he did to us. Now I understand why his shop is so deserted while ohers were crowded with shoppers. He is mentally unsound. I would not want to see him again in IMH when I do my practicals there. Should I be accepted into Psychology course. Our shopping mood was COMPLETELY devastated. Thanks to the damn HIM.
Apparently my ill luck didn't end here.
While dining at Thai Express, the trainee spilled water on my skirt after refilling water for us. A whole lot of water. Urgh. Crap. This is just NOT MY DAY. And stupid I Weekly actually predicted a good shopping day for me on that day. Crap.
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Friday, April 14, 2006

May be I should not have wished that I want a more colourful life. Because it came.
In a negative way.
One fine Monday, my brother's friend called up my home to tell me that my brother is sic, with high fever and red spots carpetting his body.
He's suspected of denggi/dengue.
So I cycled to the school to inform my mum about this. And in the evening, we went down to Bahau in Negeri Sembilan to fetch him back. His platelet level was low, and he couldn't speak, cuz he has lost his voice thanks to sorethroat.
He was hospitalised the next day, and since I was the free-est member of the family, it was natural for me to take up the job of watching over him.
So I did. Religiously. For two afternoons I have been spending in the men ward. And I feel that I will be doing so tomorrow, and may be even spend my night there. My dad should be exhausted by the two nights of watching over. Saw the cruel scenes of patients falling really ill, his family crying at the side. Today, my parents and I started chatting to the other man who was inflicted with diabetes. He has just lost his vision completely, and to be diagnosed that 80% of both of his kidneys have failed. I think what hit him worst is when the Society for the Blind visited his house and handed a walking stick over to him. Studying kidney in bio is already a difficult task, but when the knowledge presents itself in the real life, it's much much tougher to accept.
Then the worse news came. My brother should not be inflicted by denggi, and the doctor suspected that it's typhoid instead. So for four days my brother has been suffering without the proper medication! And his arms are well-poked by needles that withdraw his blood for blood test. Three times a day. On top of the large hole at the back of his hand for NaCl solution, whatever it is called, to enter his bloodstream. Due to his sorethroat, he rarely eats anything but medication and water. And today, he has to take in charcoal for detoxification purpose.
He will recover, but that's in 2 to 3 days.
But, he will.
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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Positive Thinking

I think I should stop complaining about the future and lamenting about the past.
I think I should appreciate everything that comes in my way.
I think I should treasure every moment of life.
I think I should make everyday time of my life.
Like now, I really have nothing to do each day, except learning driving, helping out with housework occasionally and going online each night. Life like this is empty, and to quote Hailing, is intolerable. But it also means that I have the chance to do things that I really wanted to do for a long time, and the opportunity to learn a new field of knowledge. Umm… Let’s think of what I wanna do. I wanna read a lot a lot about everything that I am interested. I wanna watch a lot a lot of movies as there are really quite a few good movies recently. I have never had the chance to catch every movie that I yearn to. But now I do. I wanna watch Yours Mine & Ours, V for Vendetta, I Not Stupid Too, The Shaggy Dog, 8 Below, Lan Se Jing Bao… I am still deciding if I wanna watch Ice Age 2 and even waste money scaring myself by watching When a Stranger Calls. Hmm No I shall not. Or else I would have even more trouble falling asleep. Umm. David Tao’s concert is coming up. And I am feeling itchy handed. Hehe… Shall ask my dad for sponsorship. What else? I wanna do up a piece of cross-stitch, learn more beautiful piano pieces (I am currently practising The Entertainer and Moonlight Sonata aka First Movement. They are ultra difficult! Ouch!) I wanna read up more about everything that interests me, I wanna clean up everything in my room!
Hmm. Now it seems as if my life is not that hopeless afterall. Though not all these wants can be fulfilled, at least there are something, though shallow, to look forward to in life. In the future, when I get all busy again with studies or with work, I will remember this period of time. When I am so free to do almost anything I want. So I should utilise this period fully, to prevent future regrets like how I am regretting about my jc life. Umm. That’s my April resolution.
But but but, first and foremost, I should correct my sleeping habits. My bio clock is getting funnier. Hehe…
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

You are dearly missed

Hwa Chong, you are dearly missed.
College life, you are dearly missed.
Mountain loads of homework, you are dearly missed.
Stress, you are dearly missed too.
Suddenly I miss the uniform times. The time when I was always occupied with schoolwork. The time when there're always endless number of lectures and tutorials for me to attend.
Looking back, I really wonder why I never really bothered to treasure the time in class. never really utilised the time to do proper work, like listening to the tutors/lecturers or doing tutorials. Thinking back, the knowledge imparted seemed so interesting to me. Why didn't I bother to grasp them all? Why did I let go of the chance to absorb more knowledge time and again?
Still remember in J1 I wrote a question in the class diary which is lost already, 'why do we have to come to school.' Remembered Choon Siang was the only one who replied, 'to gain more knowledge'.
At that time somehow I couldn't understand why is there a need to know more.
Now I can do. Ever so clearly. Not for future, not for money, not for better paying jobs. But simply, for interest sake. Well, I can never relive my hwachong days again. Opportunities are not there forever.
Recently I dreamed that I was a Sec 1 girl in SCGS again. Not as a 13 year old girl, but as the person whom I am in reality. A girl approaching 20 years old. Some of my friends and I went back to sec 1 again so that we can re-read what we have missed. The other 13 year-olds stared at us, puzzled.
I didn't understand why I had that dream then.
Now I do. For the sentiment I am experiencing now.
In Sec 2, we were given the title 'The Days in Blue Pinafore' for Chinese Essay Writing Competition.
I didn't know what to write and how to write then.
Now I do.
I never really thought anyone would miss those horrible school days. I told myself in mid J2 that I die die would never want to restart my JC life again.
Now I do.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

Turn over a new leaf to see the blooming flowers

Finally finally finally, to many's relief, I have decided to give my blog a makeover. Haha.
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