Friday, April 14, 2006

May be I should not have wished that I want a more colourful life. Because it came.
In a negative way.
One fine Monday, my brother's friend called up my home to tell me that my brother is sic, with high fever and red spots carpetting his body.
He's suspected of denggi/dengue.
So I cycled to the school to inform my mum about this. And in the evening, we went down to Bahau in Negeri Sembilan to fetch him back. His platelet level was low, and he couldn't speak, cuz he has lost his voice thanks to sorethroat.
He was hospitalised the next day, and since I was the free-est member of the family, it was natural for me to take up the job of watching over him.
So I did. Religiously. For two afternoons I have been spending in the men ward. And I feel that I will be doing so tomorrow, and may be even spend my night there. My dad should be exhausted by the two nights of watching over. Saw the cruel scenes of patients falling really ill, his family crying at the side. Today, my parents and I started chatting to the other man who was inflicted with diabetes. He has just lost his vision completely, and to be diagnosed that 80% of both of his kidneys have failed. I think what hit him worst is when the Society for the Blind visited his house and handed a walking stick over to him. Studying kidney in bio is already a difficult task, but when the knowledge presents itself in the real life, it's much much tougher to accept.
Then the worse news came. My brother should not be inflicted by denggi, and the doctor suspected that it's typhoid instead. So for four days my brother has been suffering without the proper medication! And his arms are well-poked by needles that withdraw his blood for blood test. Three times a day. On top of the large hole at the back of his hand for NaCl solution, whatever it is called, to enter his bloodstream. Due to his sorethroat, he rarely eats anything but medication and water. And today, he has to take in charcoal for detoxification purpose.
He will recover, but that's in 2 to 3 days.
But, he will.


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