Sunday, April 09, 2006

Positive Thinking

I think I should stop complaining about the future and lamenting about the past.
I think I should appreciate everything that comes in my way.
I think I should treasure every moment of life.
I think I should make everyday time of my life.
Like now, I really have nothing to do each day, except learning driving, helping out with housework occasionally and going online each night. Life like this is empty, and to quote Hailing, is intolerable. But it also means that I have the chance to do things that I really wanted to do for a long time, and the opportunity to learn a new field of knowledge. Umm… Let’s think of what I wanna do. I wanna read a lot a lot about everything that I am interested. I wanna watch a lot a lot of movies as there are really quite a few good movies recently. I have never had the chance to catch every movie that I yearn to. But now I do. I wanna watch Yours Mine & Ours, V for Vendetta, I Not Stupid Too, The Shaggy Dog, 8 Below, Lan Se Jing Bao… I am still deciding if I wanna watch Ice Age 2 and even waste money scaring myself by watching When a Stranger Calls. Hmm No I shall not. Or else I would have even more trouble falling asleep. Umm. David Tao’s concert is coming up. And I am feeling itchy handed. Hehe… Shall ask my dad for sponsorship. What else? I wanna do up a piece of cross-stitch, learn more beautiful piano pieces (I am currently practising The Entertainer and Moonlight Sonata aka First Movement. They are ultra difficult! Ouch!) I wanna read up more about everything that interests me, I wanna clean up everything in my room!
Hmm. Now it seems as if my life is not that hopeless afterall. Though not all these wants can be fulfilled, at least there are something, though shallow, to look forward to in life. In the future, when I get all busy again with studies or with work, I will remember this period of time. When I am so free to do almost anything I want. So I should utilise this period fully, to prevent future regrets like how I am regretting about my jc life. Umm. That’s my April resolution.
But but but, first and foremost, I should correct my sleeping habits. My bio clock is getting funnier. Hehe…


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