Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Apparently I am tagged again. By jieying and ereneh. So I shall do it. Since it seems quite fun too!
Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. dont read the questions before you write, and tag 5 pple to do this survey.
  1. Hoohoo
  2. Yunz
  3. Pow
  4. Ereneh
  5. JY
  6. Yiwen
  7. Choon Siang
  8. Set
  9. Yin How
  10. Ming Hui
  11. Teik Zhen
  12. Xin Yu
  13. Liting
  14. Chui Fen
  15. Sherene
  16. Da jie
  17. Xavier
  18. Low low
  19. Mollie
  20. Meisheng

how did u meet 14? (Chui Fen) Hostel friend. School mate. Class mate. in 2002.

what wld u do if u never met 1? (Hoohoo) I would never get my first shock in hc that 73 is a triple science class. Ok la. Seriously, without her, I would have felt very helpless. When I couldn't catch up with hw, when I was sick, when I wanted to watch Weijian

what wld u do if 20 n 9 dated? (Meisheng and Yin How) I swear I didn't do this on purpose. I really really swear. But well, if they dated, one of them would be the happiest person on earth. And I would congratulate them with a sincere heart!

did u ever like 19? (Mollie) Yes. As a friend. I think he has cool personalities.

wld 6 n 17 make a gd couple? (Yi Wen and Xavier) Haha. Would be a cute couple. Yiwen will always bully Xavier and Xavier will take verbal revenge!

describe 3. (pow) A very supportive and helpful friend. A girl with strong opinions of her own. A tiny girl who always have problems with her clothing. WInks.

do u tnk 8 is attractive? (Set) He has very clear vision about his future and concrete steps he should take to achieve his goals.

wahahatell me smth abt 7. (Choon Siang) He plays piano and he's very chi1qing2.

do u know any of 12's family? (Xin Yu)Nope. But I have seen her brother in Huang Cheng before. May be her future spouse. If he's someone I know.

what is 8's favourite? (Set) 7 Habits of Effective People. Sleep?

what wld u do if 11 confesses tt he/she likes u? (Teik Zhen) Wahaha. Cannot be. He hated me to the core neh. And he has a soulmate liao.

what language does 15 speak? (sherene) English. Wonder if she still remember her Chinese Malay and Hokkien.

who is 9 going out with? (Yin How) Set. And the powerful attractive ACP team.

how old is 16 now? (Dajie) 23.

when was the last time u talked to 13? (liting) last week online.

who's 2's favourite band/singer? (Yunz) Me!

wld u date 4? (Ereneh) Of course. We have gone out a few times together liao.

wld u date 7? (Choon Siang) No. I don't adore younger boys. Sorry CS!

is 15 single? (Sherene) NO.

what's 10's last name? (Ming Hui ) My middle name.

wld u ever be in a serious relationship with 11? (Teik Zhen) Why does the same kind of question repeat itself for the same person? NO lah.

what sch does 3 go to? (pow) Bukit Panjang Government Primary School for now. She got retained. Nolah! She's doing relief teaching there.

where does 6 live? (Yiwen) In CJ's heart.

what's ur favourite thing abt 5? (JY) she's very warm and friendly! Very straight too!

Next 5: Hoohoo, Yunz (to re-activate your dormant blogs), Ming Hui, Teik Zhen, Xin Yu


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