Friday, May 05, 2006

Finally I got to go 1 Utama. The place famous for its unique architecture. Well the building is huge when view from outside but you can't feel its grandeur when you are walking within. This is because the building is in the shape of the letter L. So the other wing is always invisible when you are walking on one of the wings. That's why the building seems very small from within.

But it has nice stuff though! There's this sink stopper which has a green hand attached to its top. So it looks like some tiny forest elf is drowning whenever you fill the sink with water! Cool. And there's an ultra cool tape dispenser. The tape comes out from the person's mouth and gets cut off at its legs! So fancied by it but it costs a good 60 ringgit for one tape dispenser! And 17 for the sink stopper!

Expensive stuff is healthy for your wallet when they're not yours.

Me and B E bought drinks from Orange Julius. I bought large blizzard. It's promised to be served upside down or it's free! The waiter proved that line true when my drink was served. It's banana split flavour with strawberry bits in it! Super nice.

5 minutes later, I decided to test if the magic still works. So I turned it over. And...

SPLAT! The entire thing's on the floor like some hideous vomit.

So that's it for my drink. When I have not even finished 10% of it. I must must try it again next time!

Of course. Without testing the hypothesis again.

Sorry 1 U cleaner. You have something more to clear up today. Haha.

After that we moved on to Ikano, Ikea and The Curve. The Curve was really a cool cool place but there's few customers. May be because it's new. May be because it's weekday.

But well, there's this shop selling papers. Papers only! But ther papers were really pretty. It also sells all the decorations you see in notebooks, and greeting cards. Like metal studs, paper flowers, embossing beads, wire... There's this particularly woody paper perfect for decoration but it costs like RM10 per sheet! And the embossing set can amount to 100 plus to get that little special effect!

Ok. Good things aren't cheap. In the end I only got myself a pack of empty cards and a box of metal studs. But I must get back to the shop one day with bags of money. Haha.

The shop better pay me for this piece of advertisment.

When we were out of Ikano we drove accidentally into the North South Highway and were heading towards Ipoh! Luckily there was an exit out but we were lost again and finally when we were back on track, we were caught in after-work jam. And when we were finally out, it was already 8 plus.

That night, dinner was at 9.

But the trip was definitely very enjoyable since I have seen so many amazing design pieces!


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