Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Advice for Sunway Goers

  1. Don't bother to go sunway.
  2. If you insist on going, don't bother to go on an off-peak day.
  3. If you insist on going on an off-peak day, don't bother to rent a tube/float.
  4. If you insist on renting, don't bother to rent it before you try out all the slides that don't require your tube.
  5. If you insist on renting it before you play, make sure you guard your tube with your fullest attention.

Because this's what's happened to me and Janice.

We went on a Wednesday. All excited and perked up and made ourselves appeared like tourists with our gaudy beach shorts. I think if religious police were around we would have been captured, haha.

We were tourist enough to not know where to stop for Sunway, to take picture of the very steep overhead bridge, then hopping around in our usual selves.

We weren't sure of the way to Sunway lagoon theme park. So we just grabbed the first man we saw to ask for direction. Coincidentally he was some facilities and technical managers of Sunway. So he led us all the way there.

We reached when it was slightly drizzling. Which I thought was perfect. So that we wouldn't be too burnt.

The queue was short. Which I thought was perfect.

Then the troubles started coming. The first man took half an hour to get his purchase done. So by the time we got into Sunway even though we were the first few, it was already 11.30. Sunway opens at 11.

Then we ran our way to the first ride. Only to realise that we were the only two who's gonna play the thing during that round! Cuz there were no other people there! Even though the ride was quite thrilling, we didn't feel like screaming, cuz there wasn't the atmosphere for screams. So we got quite sian diao.

And it was like that for the rest of the rides! 2 out of 10 rows of pirates ship were occupied, 4 out of 10 rows of roller coaster occupied, we kept seeing the same faces everywhere... it's really very off-peak!

Feeling sian diao, we went over to the wet park. We rented the tubes once we entered. Then we realised that we don't need our tubes to play the slides. So we put them at the side before queueing up for the slides.

When we were back, we realised that our tubes were stolen!

Then we went round looking for tubes. And every tube we thought was ours weren't. And we were being viewed by the tube owners as theives! Argh!

In the end we went back to the tube rental place to tell the staff our situation. Luckily he allowed us to take again. This time we chose those tubes with special prints, for easy identification.

Then we went on to play, and not long after, I realised that Janice's necklace is broken! And her cross pendant is gone. We tried to search for it, to no avail.

Feeling more sian diao, we went off to bathe and leave.

Then was dinner at Secret Recipe at Sunway Pyramid. Janice tried to ask for pepper for her mushroom soup, and the waitress actually passed her salt! What quality service.

Then we wanted to buy bags. When we ask the salesgirl why the button was a bit dirty, she just banged the bag on the counter and said,'it's like that one, lar!' Another quality service.

By the time we wanted to take a bus, the bus took like one hour to come. We resort to kill time by commenting how the others're dressing, and how they could be better, and making unfunny jokes among ourselves.

By the time the bus came, we were so exhausted and disappointed that we sank into dreams almost immediately.

What a sian diao trip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snow!! Mikey ere,Any more opinions/recommendations for Sunway Lagoon?

10:36 PM  

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