Saturday, June 24, 2006


NUS sucks.
NTU sucks equally.
Both have the most irritating and irresponsible way of answering enquiries. Both refuse to commit themselves for a clear answer.

Wan Xin: What is the minimum academic performance in A Levels, including GP, that is required for consideration of ASEAN Scholarship?
NUS: Generally, candidates would have obtained relevantly good grades for all subjects, including GP. to stand a more favourable chance.
halo! It's obvious that we need good grades. But what the hell do you mean by having good grades?!

Wan Xin: Which direction is NTU Psychology heading? Can I know more about organisational psychology (Module 409)?
NTU: May I suggest that we discuss about them personally when you join us in August? It will be a more fruitful discussion that way.
I wouldn't need to ask you these before I enter NTU if I can wait for the answer till after I enter the damn school.

NUS: Thank you for your interest in NUS.
Stop telling me pretty phrases like this when the answers you provided only shows that my interest in your school is insane.
NUS: We hope this information is useful to you. Thank you and have a nice day.
My day would be so much nicer should you have provided me with clear cut answer.
NTU: I am heartened to read about how you have made serious steps towards knowing more about Psychology and the courses in NTU before coming in.
And I am disheartened that you can't even answer my simple questions.

Oh no I am cursing and swearing so much more nowadays than I have been in the past.


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