Sunday, June 04, 2006

I was a coach!

Woke up feeling a little strange today.

Nothing to rush for.

Nothing to prepare for.
Before I had the chance to enjoy myself,
Everything's over.
The coaching programme.
The gruelling two-month preparation and the challenging one-week actual show.
There were times when we were so discouraged after multiple rejections by schools.

There were times when we felt so tired after working for so long and yet it seemed like we were not getting anything out of it.

There were times when we felt lost during the composition of the course handbook.

There were times when we felt disillusioned after having to resort from Plan A to Plan B and eventually Plan C.

But finally, everything is paid off.

At the end of the third meeting. When we received a call from a parent who indicated interest in sending her daughter for our course.


That call from the parent of our first student seemed to be a stimulus for more good news.

We received good news from two primary schools agreeing for us to carry out our course for their students.

Now. Even ZhuangYuan JiLi Ban will be staged!

The rest of the days were spent on intensive meeting to perfect course materials, powerpoint presentations and oral presentation. We worked for 6 days a week, and almost 8 hours per day. After meeting didn't mean rest. We had to do self-reflection and personal preparation too.

And the hectic schedule continued itself all the way till the eve of the first course - Zhuang Yuan, on 27th May, at SJK Choong Wen. That night we broke record. The meeting ended at 9+pm! As there were too many loose ends to tie up.

(I hate it when I have to use past tense when describing the actions. Why can't it be present tense or even future tense?)

The first course went smooth and steady. We were shocked to see the vice-pres of 家教协会 monitoring the course. Ok MONITORING may be too strong a word as he was really a nice gentleman. Other than him another teacher and a parent who was our sponsor were present too.

The next day was another ZhuangYuan course at SJK Jia Dong (2). This time it seemed more intimidating as the number of students were more than doubled the previous course while there were a bunch of teachers sitting at the back! But in the end, it turned out more successful than Choong Wen's as the students were so enthusiastic!


ACP was on 31st May till 3rd June. 8 hours each day. (ZY was 4 hours) It was much tougher as the stuff we thought were harder, the no of students are too small to feel high, the hours were much longer.

Ok. Parents, please do not force your kids to attend any seminars if they are unwilling to. Cuz their mind will be shut. The students were more interested in knowing what's the time for lunch, for tea and to go back than the course itself. They came to get released.

We tried our best. But their level of absorption was dubious. Fortunately they had the course handbook. Hopefully they would use skills that we have taught them one day. When they turn more mature and serious.

ACP2 more like a brothers' day. 4 of the 6 participants were our own brothers. ACP2 participants were more motivated. But sometimes they were too independent for us to coach. Most of the coaching times we found ourselves standing behind. It was unnecessary to coach as they could do it on their own.


before we could be mentally prepared,

everything has ended.

Converted to memory.

We are back on our own paths, chasing after our own dreams.

But I am sure these 2 months were wonderful for everyone of us. No matter how many times we have disagreed on certain issues. No matter how many fewer hours we have slept. Or how early we had to wake up.

I would always treasure this period of my life.

I have tried to be an entrepreneur, a partner, a writer, a presenter, a coach, a friend to many minds, and a better friend to three great persons.

It's a life well-lived.


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