Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Inner Strength

I know this is going to be the toughest moment in my 19 years. (Yes. I am not 20 yet)
I know that I will be stressed, destressed, pressed, depressed, confused, exasperated.
I know that this is normal, as the decision is simply too important to be slighted at, or even to leave it to chance.
I know I could have just stop thinking so much and head straight to the clearest path, but I would not settle for this easy option, as I want to research better before plunging into any university.
I know that much of the troubles I am experiencing now are here because I wanted them here. Because I didn't want to go easy. That's why it is difficult.
I know that after I past this phase, everything would seem so much simpler and when I look back, the decision would seem obvious. But for now, I will still be confused. But again, I know that it's normal.
I know that I would cherish myself for viewing this seriously. At least I treasure myself to not just simply dump myself anywhere.
I know that this trying moments will only make myself stronger, not weaker; wiser, not more foolish; better, not worse.
I know that this will not be the toughest moment in my life, as there will be many more more bitter ones to come. I know that this is just a little juncture I will face in my life. Nonetheless, it is crucial. At least for now.
I know that this period is here only to prepare me for the harder one in the future.
I know I will go on.
I know the fighting spirit in me will not die.

Aza aza Hoiti!


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