Thursday, July 13, 2006

2nd decade

No matter how much I tried to pull back time, time still forced me to step into the world of twenties.

Those who are already in that world welcomed my entrance.

Those who are still teenagers farewelled my exit.

Thanks to everyone who place this date in their heart. Thanks to everyone who wish me via gifts, phonecalls, sms-es, taggies or in their hearts.

Thanks to the girl from hair saloon for cycling all the way to my house to give me birthday cakes. Thanks to the girl I knew in driving school who peeped at my license to look for my birth date.

Thanks to you who wanted to sing me birthday song but somehow didn't sing it. Thanks to you who sang me the birthday song via sms. Thanks to you who gave me personalised sms or beautiful forwarded sms. Thanks to you who sent me birthday sms even though you were just nearby me.

Thanks to you who remembered my birthday by linking it with the date of release of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Thanks to you who somehow can just remember my birthday.

Thanks. I really appreaciate it.

And now's my wish for my 2nd decade: I wanna be a better person. To be more peaceful at heart, to live life simpler, and to be more sincere.

For now, birthday's over, it's time to enter uni. And once uni life starts, holiday will be over. And the life process will continue itself like a single-journey bullet train. Uni, then work, then family, kids, work all the way till retirement. There wouldn't be anymore huang1fei4 times for me when I can just go on truly carefree holidays like now.Until I retire. Oh how much do I look forward to retirement! And is it ke3bei1 to be looking forward to reitrement at the age of 20?

Oh maturity, do enter my world, and enlighten me to view the world with ping2chang2xin1. Not excitement nor fear, not confusion nor indulgence.

I await for thy arrival.


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