Friday, July 14, 2006

7 days around Malaysia

7 days around Malaysia

060706-090706n was at Penang and Sungai Petani of Kedah to visit my brother. It's essentially a trip to get back to nature, past and present.

An escape tunnel that's so tiny. My brother has a height of 130+ cm.

This is where that tunnel leads to. Another vertical tunnel which reminded me of the scene in Poseidon.

Something guys like... regardless of age.

I once left my name on the sandy beach of Penang. Only to know that it will be erased eventually..

An ancient temple. Another archaelogical museum in Lembah Bujang which didn't received as much publicity as it should have. It's showcases artefacts and ruins of Lembah Bujang which was a international trading centre back in 5th to 14th AD.

From left: guys: My brother, my brother's girlfriend's brother, my youngest brother. Girls: me and my brother's girlfriend. This is the reward we got after visiting the museum. Waterfall that belongs to us and solely to ourself. (As there wasn't any other tourists there.)

It's really cold to be splashed like that! But somehow we just decided that we would take turns to be splashed. Haha.. So zi4-nue4..

I like this pic a lot. Feel like submitting it to the tourism board haha.

Somehow it was my brother who won the world cup. Not Italy..


110706-130706 was spent at the Cameron Highlands together with MS, YH and YT. I overestimated Cameron's temperature and actually brought no long pants there. Only shorts and skirts. And no I didn't bring a jacket too. Yes you can laugh at me for my stupidity. I got my retribution too, from nature. Was freezing and shivering uncontrollably all the way. And thanks to you who sacrificed to lend me your only jacket, to prevent me from being pricked in the jungle, chilled in the wind. And sorry to you who had to received the retribution because of my carelessness, and to bring back a dirty smelly jacket.

The darkness in the jungle of Gunung Jasar. You see absolutely nothing without a torch light at night. And I actually suggested the idea of NIGHT jungle trekking without knowing what a trekking is. We had to walk on all four in the forest carpetted with wet leaves, slippery roots, and fallen branches.

"Respect the jungle" says Nesh the tour guide. Something that I find it very meaningful. This is because nature nurtures us. Without trees, there wouldn't be oxygen for us. Without roots, there wouldn't be unflooded areas for living. And there's more from nature that we should be grateful about.

This is taken without flash near the peak. The trip turned out particularly scary when one of the two torchlights we had (to be shared among 5 persons) burnt out halfway during the climbing. This meant that we had very limited light, so we had to rely heavily on the sense of touch, as well as faith. But we made it through anyway.

The rewards after night trekking. Unrestricted panoramic view of Cameron Highlands. This is the town of Tanah Rata. This picture was taken at a temperature of 15'c. The wind was so strong that you could actually hear it blowing. And we had some fun time screaming to Titiwangsa mountain ranges to listen to our own echos.

We challenged yet another mountain the next morning - Gunung Brinchang, the tallest mountain in Cameron, standing at 6666 feet. This is a pic of the mobile mist BELOW us. It is being blown away so quickly that we could see it visibly moving. Pardon me for the blur picture taken as I couldn't help shivering under that temperature. But the view we got here at the watch tower was really superb and worthy of the chill we had to experience.

On one side of the watch tower we could see full moon...

And on the other side, the sun was rising.!Though that round red thing wasn't visible due to the thick mist.

Finally I got to see how a pitcher plant looks like.

At Rose Centre.

A white rose bloomed so big that it's impossible to be true.

My foot! at the end of 10+ hours of trekking and uncountable hours of walking around for hotel hunting and for jalan-jalan. All for not wearing the appropriate footwear.









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