Saturday, July 01, 2006

Low threshold for pain

Low threshold for pain

I must have been so bored to dig up my 2003 newsweeks and re-read them. Ok. Not that I have read all of them in the past. But well..

There's this issue on pain. It states that we have two kinds of nervous systems. One in charge of transmitting normal sensation, like holding a piece of paper; while the other one is in charge of high threshold sensation, just like touching a pot of boiling water. But sometimes, after a severe disease, it is possible for these two kinds of systems to get confused, such that walking on normal floor can bring extreme pain to the person.

I guess a huge emotional upheaval can produce the same effect too. I guess my nervous systems are now tangled up too. I can get tears at the rim of my eyes by listening to sad music (like this one I put on my blog), watching sad movies, or get depressed after a trip is being cancelled, or even when Argentina lost the match.

Oh yes. How can Argentina lose? How can its goalkeeper get injured? How can this happen? Argentina wouldn't have lost during the penalty kicks if it wasn't forced to use its reserved goalkeeper! But nvm..

And oh well, any people here want to go to Tioman for a short getaway and gathering before we embark on our university life? Tioman is considered to be one of the ten best islands in the world! It's a 3D2N holiday for RM290, including accomodation, meals, boat transfer for both ways, and a boat tour. We should go on weekdays to avoid surcharge. Interested people please leave a comment under this post, not at the tag. Thankie!

And this quote is replaying in my mind more often than ever: Every exit is an entrance to another world. It's a quote I saw at a hospital of the university that I am not gonna enter. And I am gonna use it to motivate myself and cheer me up to enter my destined university.

I think I should get out of this self mob and be optimistic for the possibilities that lie ahead of me, instead of perceiving them as uncertainties. Life is 10% what happened to us and 90% how we deal with it. This has been my favourite quote since the age of 12. It's a quote found on the pen holder Min Jey gave me during my 12 yr old bday. And now, I will try my best to fully utitilise my 90% power and make my university life as best as it can be! NTU isn't that bad, HSS too. At least right now I already have a professor from psychology department who always take time out to answer my endless querries. Even on saturdays and sundays. I know it may be a tactic NTU adopted to attract more students, but well, at least I don't feel stranded now.

And magically, I feel more hopeful about my future now. After typing the previous paragraph. Oh well, life, whether it looks good or bad, may be really depended very much on your attitude. You can call things possibilities or uncertainties; descrive a phenomenon as magically or strangely. Sometimes just a minor switch in your attitude can produce a dramatic change. Like now. My change of attitude may seem abrupt, but it was what I truly feel when I pen down these thoughts. This is how powerful our attitude is.

Heaven or hell, it's up to us.

Even though for now, part of me still prefer to linger in the depressed mood, to mob about the premature termination of my Tioman trip, and the losing match of Argentina, and bemoan about depature with friends. :p


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