Monday, July 10, 2006

My World Cup

The face I love: Klose.
His face writes the word - sincerity.

The captain I love: Beckham.
Oh my god he's so handsome on the field! And only on the field.

The goalkeeper I love: Ricardo.
He's born for that job.

The man I hate: Crouch.
He looks like a lousy stilt walker. Always seems as if he's gonna trip and fall on the slightest touch.

The man I loveD: Christiano Ronaldo.
Used to think that he's good-looking and capable. Until I saw his ill-temper.

The man I sympathise with: Michael Owen.
He's back to England even before he has the chance to showcase his talents.

The name I love: Simao.
Can't stop myself from imagining the action of tearing fur evertime I see or hear his name.

The coach I love: Germany's.
So young yet so good.

The coach I hater: France's.
What's with his idiotic actions?

The team I love: Argentina.
They should be the one seen on 10/7, if not because of the injury of the goalkeeper.

The shirt I like: Germany's.
Simple with elegant details. That's the way shirts should be man.


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