Thursday, August 31, 2006

Worlds converge

Last year 7th December, I was helping Chui Fen with her make up for prom. During the process her friend YZ came to look to her. I thought that she needed some fixing powder to fix her make-up. And so I suggested, and so I powdered her face.
Now, almost one year later, she's my tutorial mate for French.
Friend for thought: A little kindness goes a LONG way. It can even earn you a friend.

I've always seen this person called Janice tagging at yunz's blog. And I kept thinking that it's my the other friend Janice aka Wang Da Da. But it wasn't. But because of this misconception, I never got her name erased in my memory. This year, I realised, that Janice is my tutorial mate for Psychology.
Friend for thought: Never forget names easily. Initial strangers may eventually become your friend.

One day on MSN, suddenly I saw two persons from different contact groups of mine were having the same beginning for their nickname - [C-Towner]. One's my SC beloved and the other HC friend. Then I realised, they are living in the same hall and are now friends of each other. And the other pair of my friends, Wang Da Da and my LEP senior Justin, originally strangers to each other but friends to me, are now friends to one another.
Friend for thought: The world is small. Friends of friends will become friends of each other eventually, and even become something more than friends. Hor? Yunz?!

At Sec 3, I used to be very close to a senior of mine who's studying in RGS. We only met for a year, as RGS principal decided to move them to the other hostel. I met a common friend of ours at the end of Sec 4, but never managed to get back in contact with her. Now, I met her again during CCA gathering. Got a shock when I saw her face in the room. Of course, with body attached.
Friend for thought: Never forget faces, even after your worlds diverge, even if you think that it's impossible for you two to meet up ever again. Because, impossible is possible.

However, as people enter and and take their leave off our worlds, some friends will miraculously stay. After 7 years, somehow me and my first ever roommate are always living in the same place, even though we were not in the same class after Sec 1, and not in the same school after Sec. But fate always binds us together. And I deeply appreciate that.
Friend for thought: Friends who are meant to be together will always be together. No matter how.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Speech by Mr. Medicine

A very good evening to liquid eye-drop, viscous eye-drop, pink medecine, antibiotics. Welcome to the 1st conference of medicines.

Today, we gather here, as we are issued by Dr. Jack Sparrow, an important mission to complete, to treat a patient's eyes. Let's first examine the eyes of our patient.

I am sorry for the lack of clarity of the picture, as this is the best picture I can get about her eyes. As you all can see, she's suffering a sty on her right eye. This is probably caused by bacterial infection. So brothers and sisters, I hereby gather you all, to utilise your best effort possible, to attack, engulf and digest all the germs found.

Allow me to go a little into her medical history. Since April this year, our patient has been infected by all kinds of eyes infections. Not that she has been suffering continuously, but it has been rather frequent. So Dr Jack suggested that she may need some antibiotic to clear the bacteria. That's why brother antibiotic is here to join our medicine crew.

Dr Jack has warned, though, that if her sty is not going to clear by Friday, he would suggest that she goes under the knife. Our patient is quite worried about it, so let's do our part to prevent her from falling under the knife. Though itchy-handed and hence well-deserved as she is, to always rub her eyes with her hands without washing them first, she's still our patient. So let's not be calculative, don't complain for the amount of work we have to do,contribute your best.

She needs your help.

Thanks for taking out precious time to listen to me. You guys are now dismissed.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

All about sleep and dreams

There are basically 5 stages of sleep in a sleep cycle, categorised by the types of brain waves. Each of this cycles lasts about 90-100 minutes and recurs several times during the night.

The 1st (lasting till 10 min) and 2nd (20min) are relatively light stages, so if people are awaken during one of these stages, they often report not having been asleep at all.

The 3rd and 4th have the slowest and highest amplitude of brain waves during sleep. Brain waves during these stages are least like waking brain waves. So if people are awakened during these stages, they usually are confused and disoriented.
After 1st-4th stage, sleepers drift towards wakefulness. But instead of re-entering stage 1, they enter rapid-eye-movement(REM) sleep. During REM sleep, the sleeper's eyeballs move up and down and from left to right. REM sleep is an active stage where dreaming usually occurs. Dreams at this stage are typically longer, more vivid, more emotionally charged, and less related to waking life.

Our body follows a circadian rhythm. This rhythm involves the sleep/wake cycle, body temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar level. For example, body temperature fluctuates about 3' Fahrenheit, peaking in the afternoon and reaching in its lowest point betweeen 2am to 5am.
Researhers had conducted experiments to see what happens to the biological clock when individuals are completely isolated from clocks, calendars, night, the moon, the sun, and all indices of time. Volunteers were placed in isolation so they lived by biological cycles instead of by days. Each of their sleep/wake cycles are considered as a day. Results showed that their day only vary from 24 hours by a few minutes.

When you fly to a country situated in a distinctly different time zone, you may have trouble sleeping because your body is still in the previous time zone. You usually sleep when your body temperature begins to drop, but in your new location, you may be trying to sleep when it is rising. In the morning, your body relase large doses of the hormone cortisol to help you wake up. But in your new geographical time zone, the glands may be releasing the hormone just as you are getting ready for bed at night.
How to reset your biological clock? In the new country, you should spend as much time outside in the daylight as possible. Bright light during the day, especially in the morning, increases wakefulness. When you sleep, you should sleep in complete darkness.

Sleepwalking has a more formal term - somnambulism. Contrary to superstition, it is safe to awaken sleepwalkers.

Just to share some of my psycho knowledge. Hope it's enlightening. Wahaha.

Adopted from Psychology 7th updated edition by John W. Santrock
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Friday, August 25, 2006

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sleepless Night

It is getting back to me. And it's getting worse. I am struggling with it, fighting as hard as I can, ocassionally drifted away by temptation, still I am not losing my determination to fight against it.

But somehow, it seems like I am losing out in every battle I fought.

Have been getting less and less enthusiastic about surfing blogs of friends, I admit. There's just too many things of the present to catch up with for now, than to squeeze time out to catch up with friends of the good ol' days. I am sorry. But you all are still alive and kicking in my memory, I promise. It's time like this sleepless night of mine, that I have the chance to switch on my laptop which I have just switched off barely 15 minutes ago, to stare at the blank 'online' list on msn, and decide to start reading blogs of dear friends. It's time like this sleepless night that I start thinking about things that I need not think too much about. It's time like this sleepless night that I have tonnes of free time but can never fill it with productive tasks. It's time like this sleepless night when I start remembering my favourite phrase before jc graduation: 'Will you miss me when a leaf falls?'

It's time like this...

Well, things are getting harder nowadays. May be they aren't hard. It's just that I have been working hard on it and nothing seems simpler. Everything just stays status quo. That's why it SEEMS harder. It's all about perception. And my mood has been swinging from one extreme to the other. Happy in the evening, sad and depressed when the night falls. What's wrong with me? May be it's just a freshie moodswing. A temporary depression that everyone has to go through when they are adapting into the university life. I will be fine. Yes I will be. FINE.




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Saturday, August 19, 2006

My dear, you are back again

This is the song writing competition held at Nanyang Auditorium with Weijian being the guest performer. His singing hasn't deteriorated by a bit even though he's constantly tortured in army. Was so sad that I couldn't get to take pics with him personally as I had to rush off for main committee interview by Buddhist Soc (Yes it was already near 11pm that time). *frowns* But well guess I couldn't also, as my batteries were already flat. *double frowns* But well, at least I got to hear him sing! Live! And joke! And with his naturally joke-inducing movements and conversation. *Grinz triple*

Wan Xin is a lucky girl.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


University is full of quotes. And my current hobby now is to take down meaningful quotes and create my own ones.

'There're so many opportunities out there. Look for your own niche. If you can't find one, create one.' ~Freshmen Welcome Orientation

Heard of it elsewhere before? Not original? But I like it.

How about this one: We are already competiting everywhere. For degree of honours, for subject places. Why do you still want to compete at every possible places? For now, just have fun!
This wasn't meant to be a quote. It was said casually by this engineering guy who was emcee-ing in The Business Plan Boot Camp. All of us the participants were supposed to, in groups, come up with a business plan using the idea given. Then some of the groups were picked randomly to present their plain. The organisers were giving out Jetstar vouchers to the best team. But in the end, the guy just randomly picked any team to award the vouchers to. And he said the above 'quote' when he sensed that the participants were feeling that that wasn't fair. He added,'Everybody tried. Everybody did their best. Everybody's a winner.'
Well, he set me thinking. Why must the reward always go to the team which has the best idea or presentation? It's not that they have thought harder than other teams. I am sure the other team thought as hard, it's just that the previous was equipped with more knowledge in that area. That's why, with the same, or even less effort, they could still conjure up better plans. In other words, it isn't the on-the-spot effort that determines, but the stuff that participants have with them. So, there's nothing to be proud about performing better, because they were born with brain better in business, so naturally they will do better. Nothing to be proud of. It's the effort that matters. And since everybody should have tried as hard, everybody's at their best. It's just that the better ones will a better best, but in terms degree, everyone's at their peak. So everybody's a winner. But since there's limited prizes, lucky draw was the best way out.

I really like the idea.

Basically I created this post to post this idea. But I didn't know how to bring this in. That's why the topic.

I shall end this blog with quotes I created in class and for fun.

  1. Mistakes are inevitable. Learn from it, make it happen again! (To mock at someone who repeatedly commit the same mistake)
  2. Writing is a slow romantic dance with the beauty called words. (Created during lesson when we were supposed to construct our own quotes about writing)
  3. The end of university is only the beginning of life. Right now, work hard to create a beautiful beginning. (Random thoughts about how I should regard uni)

Other quotes that I like:

  1. Take charge of your own learning. ~Freshmen Welcome Orientation. This is true. No one's going to monitor your learning, except yourself.
  2. Be true to lifelong learning. ~Freshmen Welcome Orientation. Be true means learn honestly, learn what your heart yearns to learn, learn with passion, not obligation.
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Saturday, August 12, 2006


7 days.
5 trips to City Hall.
5 subjects registered.
4 books to read.
3 days of lessons.
3 movies.
2 new psycho friends.
1 and my first clubbing experience.

That's the opening ceremony for my university life. Seemed like there's more fun than serious work done. Somehow I kept thinking that I should ejoy what I can enjoy now as soon there will not be time for that.

And this is true. Don't think I will have the time to step out of NTU next week due to the endless CCA welcome teas.

So, enjoy while I still can.

My first clubbing experience was to Ministry of Sound. With trusting friends like JY, WK, Ereneh, Xavier and Set. The club was quite mild, and so were we. I didn't have alcoholic drink as I have allergy for it. But I did stole some from the rest. And Vodka Cranberry tasted the best. Mine was nice too. But couldn't recall the name. We tried to dance a bit, but couldn't get into the mood as according to Wei Kiat, we didn't have enough alcohol. Haha. But the best part of the event was actually after clubbing. We realised that there weren't nightriders. Unwilling to drain our pockets for transport, we sat by the tables by the river and chatted whole night all the way till 6 to catch the first train. And I had lesson in the morning. Being a responsible student, I took coffee for energy boost and successfully survived the lectures with amazing absorption rate. My survival was also because of the comfortable massage. Thank you. Oh yeah I had an Israeli lecturer. So exotic. Haha.

Movies watched: Click, Pirates 2 (including Pirates 1 watched in room) and Lake House. All were nice. Touching or funny. But wallet now has a hole.

Any donation will be appreciated. haha.

Studies are alright. Interesting and complicated. Guess it's the transition period from a science stream student to a art stream undergraduate. Double transition. There's a lot to read up before and after lectures and tutorials. But a lot of interesting facts to gain too. For example: Why are jokes funny? Because it violates our expectation.

I am enjoying, and loving the university life now. Yes. In NTU. I didn't regret it. It's a nice uni. With nice friends. Yes.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Dream come true

I have finally entered the ivory towers.
I have finally embarked on my quest for psychological knowledge.
I have finally begun paving for my future.
Many a times I have been thinking about it, dreaming about it. In childhood, university seems a place so far away, like a wonderland. In secondary school and JC, it seems like a destination that we will head to naturally.
But more often than not, things always remain as a dream, or a piece of thought, never have I truly foresee it coming true.
Never have I truly foresee myself venturing into the field of Psychology.
But right now, now, I am really reading it.
I have begun my first step on being a psychologist.
Today during lectures, when I was sitting in the LT looking at students who weren't in uniform using laptops to attend lessons, I still feel that tinge of disillusion and disbelief.
Are all these true?
Somehow since I was P6, I always have this thought that everything I am experiencing now is nothing but a dream. A very long dream which I have to wake up from eventually, back to my P6 self. The feeling was there for 8 years, it is still here. Now.
Dreams come true? Or is it dreams coming true in dreams?
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Thursday, August 03, 2006



虽然迎著风 虽然下著雨


不是在此时 不知在何时

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Kop this from JY's blog. Think that it's so cute! If you didn't have enough with Zidane's headbutting, get more of it here!
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Like these lines a lot. It's so pretty, isn't it isn't it?
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Endless Search

This is a endless frantic search for friends.
People make time out especially to look for new friends.
They don't have time for their old friends, their old friends have no time for them as well.
When they found a group of new friends who belong to the same category, they have two routes now.
1. Stick with this group and ignore the rest of the world.
2. Keep them as reserves while continuing to look for friends of different types.
Some people choose path 2, in the end they have no time for both new and old friends. So their new and old friends, if they are a little bit more reserved, would stop looking for new friends, and end up being friend-less.
Everyone's constantly looking for friends, to form cliques, to lose and find friends. Everyone's thirsty, everyone's desperate, everyone's empty inside. They need a group of friends to feel that sense of belonging, to the university, to the hall, to the school, to the nation.
Everyone forgets that they have an everlasting companion called self. Or sometimes, they didn't forget, but they choose not to depend on that friend. Cuz it doesn't give them the sense of belonging to the nation, school, hall, university. Yes it does give them the sense of belonging to their own selves, but they are not satisfied with just this little tiny world. They want more.
So they tried to ignore the lonely self, and satisfy their external cravings for friends, for laughter, for popularity, for that sense of belonging to the outer world.
Their hearts are always empty, their older friends are always abandoned. May be they are not. May be they will try to ring these old friends up once in awhile, when their newer friends aren't available at the moment. Older friends are always there as reserves, to company their lonely selves when their outer world is empty. Old friends are there to tend to their lonely souls, counsel them, cheer them up.
But old friends aren't gonna be there for long. Once their outer world is filled, they will be so full that they have no space available for their old friends. So they lose contact with their old friends once again, all the way till their outer world got poorer and poorer, and they make way again for their old friends.
New friends will soon become old friends,
and the cycle repeats itself,
and their souls remain empty still.
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My first and probably only orientation camp in ntu. By Malaysian Students Association. Guess it's meaningless for me to ramble everything that happened in there, since people who read it won't feel the emotional connection with it. But but, there's this special thing I should mention: The way they name the OGs: Tree-uM, OkiarA, GracioL, EmorA, TriadamY, HinotoS, EtakI, RantulA. Combined the first letter of each group and last letter of each group together, you get TOGETHER MALAYSIA. Isn't it nice? Isn't it isn't it?
One last thing I must must mention here:We won the best OG! Somehow every friend whom I know are in the best OG group. Janice, Hailing.. Haha.. Even though we didn't know why also.

Group photo with some desperate attempts to show off flexibility.

We paid $35 for the 5-day camp with meals and transport to sentosa included and they still managed to squeeze out more money for steamboat dinner@marina!

I truly understand the meaning of 在家靠父母,出外靠朋友。Guess the seniors understood it fully too. They actually helped each and everyone of us to carry our luggage from temp halls to our own halls! Without lift. Three cheers to seniors!

The block opposite my hall. Guess I have nothing to complain about my hall. It's spacious, has nice views of forest (so no need to bring down the blinds when changing clothes), near to canteen, office, toilet and kitchette. Heard that it's supposed to be a priviledged block as this admin officer was saying that somebody didn't contribute much to the hall so won't let him/her stay at my block anymore. Oolala..

Thanks Triadamy, thanks seniors, thanks friends. Thanks for going through this whole process together, from unfamiliar to familiar, from energetic to exhaustion, from day to night, from mild to strenous games, from cheers to dance. Thanks. Because of you all, there'll be less unfamiliar faces around in ntu; because of you all, I know who to look for help in times of need; because of you all, I know more Malaysians in Singapore. First time I learn not to take my peaceful existence in Singapore for granted. Our life is smooth only because of the help of each other.

Love ya..

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