Saturday, August 12, 2006


7 days.
5 trips to City Hall.
5 subjects registered.
4 books to read.
3 days of lessons.
3 movies.
2 new psycho friends.
1 and my first clubbing experience.

That's the opening ceremony for my university life. Seemed like there's more fun than serious work done. Somehow I kept thinking that I should ejoy what I can enjoy now as soon there will not be time for that.

And this is true. Don't think I will have the time to step out of NTU next week due to the endless CCA welcome teas.

So, enjoy while I still can.

My first clubbing experience was to Ministry of Sound. With trusting friends like JY, WK, Ereneh, Xavier and Set. The club was quite mild, and so were we. I didn't have alcoholic drink as I have allergy for it. But I did stole some from the rest. And Vodka Cranberry tasted the best. Mine was nice too. But couldn't recall the name. We tried to dance a bit, but couldn't get into the mood as according to Wei Kiat, we didn't have enough alcohol. Haha. But the best part of the event was actually after clubbing. We realised that there weren't nightriders. Unwilling to drain our pockets for transport, we sat by the tables by the river and chatted whole night all the way till 6 to catch the first train. And I had lesson in the morning. Being a responsible student, I took coffee for energy boost and successfully survived the lectures with amazing absorption rate. My survival was also because of the comfortable massage. Thank you. Oh yeah I had an Israeli lecturer. So exotic. Haha.

Movies watched: Click, Pirates 2 (including Pirates 1 watched in room) and Lake House. All were nice. Touching or funny. But wallet now has a hole.

Any donation will be appreciated. haha.

Studies are alright. Interesting and complicated. Guess it's the transition period from a science stream student to a art stream undergraduate. Double transition. There's a lot to read up before and after lectures and tutorials. But a lot of interesting facts to gain too. For example: Why are jokes funny? Because it violates our expectation.

I am enjoying, and loving the university life now. Yes. In NTU. I didn't regret it. It's a nice uni. With nice friends. Yes.


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