Monday, August 07, 2006

Dream come true

I have finally entered the ivory towers.
I have finally embarked on my quest for psychological knowledge.
I have finally begun paving for my future.
Many a times I have been thinking about it, dreaming about it. In childhood, university seems a place so far away, like a wonderland. In secondary school and JC, it seems like a destination that we will head to naturally.
But more often than not, things always remain as a dream, or a piece of thought, never have I truly foresee it coming true.
Never have I truly foresee myself venturing into the field of Psychology.
But right now, now, I am really reading it.
I have begun my first step on being a psychologist.
Today during lectures, when I was sitting in the LT looking at students who weren't in uniform using laptops to attend lessons, I still feel that tinge of disillusion and disbelief.
Are all these true?
Somehow since I was P6, I always have this thought that everything I am experiencing now is nothing but a dream. A very long dream which I have to wake up from eventually, back to my P6 self. The feeling was there for 8 years, it is still here. Now.
Dreams come true? Or is it dreams coming true in dreams?


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