Wednesday, August 16, 2006


University is full of quotes. And my current hobby now is to take down meaningful quotes and create my own ones.

'There're so many opportunities out there. Look for your own niche. If you can't find one, create one.' ~Freshmen Welcome Orientation

Heard of it elsewhere before? Not original? But I like it.

How about this one: We are already competiting everywhere. For degree of honours, for subject places. Why do you still want to compete at every possible places? For now, just have fun!
This wasn't meant to be a quote. It was said casually by this engineering guy who was emcee-ing in The Business Plan Boot Camp. All of us the participants were supposed to, in groups, come up with a business plan using the idea given. Then some of the groups were picked randomly to present their plain. The organisers were giving out Jetstar vouchers to the best team. But in the end, the guy just randomly picked any team to award the vouchers to. And he said the above 'quote' when he sensed that the participants were feeling that that wasn't fair. He added,'Everybody tried. Everybody did their best. Everybody's a winner.'
Well, he set me thinking. Why must the reward always go to the team which has the best idea or presentation? It's not that they have thought harder than other teams. I am sure the other team thought as hard, it's just that the previous was equipped with more knowledge in that area. That's why, with the same, or even less effort, they could still conjure up better plans. In other words, it isn't the on-the-spot effort that determines, but the stuff that participants have with them. So, there's nothing to be proud about performing better, because they were born with brain better in business, so naturally they will do better. Nothing to be proud of. It's the effort that matters. And since everybody should have tried as hard, everybody's at their best. It's just that the better ones will a better best, but in terms degree, everyone's at their peak. So everybody's a winner. But since there's limited prizes, lucky draw was the best way out.

I really like the idea.

Basically I created this post to post this idea. But I didn't know how to bring this in. That's why the topic.

I shall end this blog with quotes I created in class and for fun.

  1. Mistakes are inevitable. Learn from it, make it happen again! (To mock at someone who repeatedly commit the same mistake)
  2. Writing is a slow romantic dance with the beauty called words. (Created during lesson when we were supposed to construct our own quotes about writing)
  3. The end of university is only the beginning of life. Right now, work hard to create a beautiful beginning. (Random thoughts about how I should regard uni)

Other quotes that I like:

  1. Take charge of your own learning. ~Freshmen Welcome Orientation. This is true. No one's going to monitor your learning, except yourself.
  2. Be true to lifelong learning. ~Freshmen Welcome Orientation. Be true means learn honestly, learn what your heart yearns to learn, learn with passion, not obligation.


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