Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Speech by Mr. Medicine

A very good evening to liquid eye-drop, viscous eye-drop, pink medecine, antibiotics. Welcome to the 1st conference of medicines.

Today, we gather here, as we are issued by Dr. Jack Sparrow, an important mission to complete, to treat a patient's eyes. Let's first examine the eyes of our patient.

I am sorry for the lack of clarity of the picture, as this is the best picture I can get about her eyes. As you all can see, she's suffering a sty on her right eye. This is probably caused by bacterial infection. So brothers and sisters, I hereby gather you all, to utilise your best effort possible, to attack, engulf and digest all the germs found.

Allow me to go a little into her medical history. Since April this year, our patient has been infected by all kinds of eyes infections. Not that she has been suffering continuously, but it has been rather frequent. So Dr Jack suggested that she may need some antibiotic to clear the bacteria. That's why brother antibiotic is here to join our medicine crew.

Dr Jack has warned, though, that if her sty is not going to clear by Friday, he would suggest that she goes under the knife. Our patient is quite worried about it, so let's do our part to prevent her from falling under the knife. Though itchy-handed and hence well-deserved as she is, to always rub her eyes with her hands without washing them first, she's still our patient. So let's not be calculative, don't complain for the amount of work we have to do,contribute your best.

She needs your help.

Thanks for taking out precious time to listen to me. You guys are now dismissed.


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