Tuesday, August 01, 2006


My first and probably only orientation camp in ntu. By Malaysian Students Association. Guess it's meaningless for me to ramble everything that happened in there, since people who read it won't feel the emotional connection with it. But but, there's this special thing I should mention: The way they name the OGs: Tree-uM, OkiarA, GracioL, EmorA, TriadamY, HinotoS, EtakI, RantulA. Combined the first letter of each group and last letter of each group together, you get TOGETHER MALAYSIA. Isn't it nice? Isn't it isn't it?
One last thing I must must mention here:We won the best OG! Somehow every friend whom I know are in the best OG group. Janice, Hailing.. Haha.. Even though we didn't know why also.

Group photo with some desperate attempts to show off flexibility.

We paid $35 for the 5-day camp with meals and transport to sentosa included and they still managed to squeeze out more money for steamboat dinner@marina!

I truly understand the meaning of 在家靠父母,出外靠朋友。Guess the seniors understood it fully too. They actually helped each and everyone of us to carry our luggage from temp halls to our own halls! Without lift. Three cheers to seniors!

The block opposite my hall. Guess I have nothing to complain about my hall. It's spacious, has nice views of forest (so no need to bring down the blinds when changing clothes), near to canteen, office, toilet and kitchette. Heard that it's supposed to be a priviledged block as this admin officer was saying that somebody didn't contribute much to the hall so won't let him/her stay at my block anymore. Oolala..

Thanks Triadamy, thanks seniors, thanks friends. Thanks for going through this whole process together, from unfamiliar to familiar, from energetic to exhaustion, from day to night, from mild to strenous games, from cheers to dance. Thanks. Because of you all, there'll be less unfamiliar faces around in ntu; because of you all, I know who to look for help in times of need; because of you all, I know more Malaysians in Singapore. First time I learn not to take my peaceful existence in Singapore for granted. Our life is smooth only because of the help of each other.

Love ya..


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