Thursday, August 31, 2006

Worlds converge

Last year 7th December, I was helping Chui Fen with her make up for prom. During the process her friend YZ came to look to her. I thought that she needed some fixing powder to fix her make-up. And so I suggested, and so I powdered her face.
Now, almost one year later, she's my tutorial mate for French.
Friend for thought: A little kindness goes a LONG way. It can even earn you a friend.

I've always seen this person called Janice tagging at yunz's blog. And I kept thinking that it's my the other friend Janice aka Wang Da Da. But it wasn't. But because of this misconception, I never got her name erased in my memory. This year, I realised, that Janice is my tutorial mate for Psychology.
Friend for thought: Never forget names easily. Initial strangers may eventually become your friend.

One day on MSN, suddenly I saw two persons from different contact groups of mine were having the same beginning for their nickname - [C-Towner]. One's my SC beloved and the other HC friend. Then I realised, they are living in the same hall and are now friends of each other. And the other pair of my friends, Wang Da Da and my LEP senior Justin, originally strangers to each other but friends to me, are now friends to one another.
Friend for thought: The world is small. Friends of friends will become friends of each other eventually, and even become something more than friends. Hor? Yunz?!

At Sec 3, I used to be very close to a senior of mine who's studying in RGS. We only met for a year, as RGS principal decided to move them to the other hostel. I met a common friend of ours at the end of Sec 4, but never managed to get back in contact with her. Now, I met her again during CCA gathering. Got a shock when I saw her face in the room. Of course, with body attached.
Friend for thought: Never forget faces, even after your worlds diverge, even if you think that it's impossible for you two to meet up ever again. Because, impossible is possible.

However, as people enter and and take their leave off our worlds, some friends will miraculously stay. After 7 years, somehow me and my first ever roommate are always living in the same place, even though we were not in the same class after Sec 1, and not in the same school after Sec. But fate always binds us together. And I deeply appreciate that.
Friend for thought: Friends who are meant to be together will always be together. No matter how.


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