Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pirate in the Fairyland

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So I went under the knife to have my scar tissue on the lower eye lid removed. And my eye was padded for a good 6 hours. It was a new way to live and see.

Firstly, my vision field is reduced by almost half. I couldn't see whatever that is on my right. Not even friends walking beside me. Being tyrannical, I made them stand on my left. So that I need not worry of any sudden attack coming from the right.

Secondly, my spatial judgement went terribly wrong. I cannot let my two pointing index fingers meet. Not only that, during lunch, when the cashier handed me my change, I actually extended my hand in the wrong direction! And I had to be terribly careful while walking up and down stairs due to my then higher probability of misjudgement.

Thirdly, detecting the world with only one eye seems to make me feel dizzy. And as I have to rotate my head for a larger angle to navigate my surrounding, it makes me really giddy. Felt like the world is spinning, spinning, spinning...

Fourthly, your body and eye are in conflict. When using phone, your body says position your phone in the middle but your eye says put it on the left so that it LOOKS in the middle. And it's a really weird position to hold it to your left. While attending lecture, you have to tilt your head to the right to see the screen clearly. Oh my gosh I must have looked real weird.

Lastly, there were a lot of unwanted and unnecessary glances. I felt like an alien being shot a thousand times by people's either concerned or curious glances.

Ok. The only good experience. I got to exploit my injury to gain sympathy. While boarding bus during peak hours, I actually got people who stopped to let me board first, instead of caring only about themselves. Wahaha.

Thanks Janice for your company. Now I know why he will like you. Who ask you to be so chio and so nice huh? Haha.

I was a pirate for a good 6 hours! And I took the liberty to snap a lot a lot of photos as this is probably the last time and I will make sure that it is the last time I am going to be a pirate. No more unhealthy eyes!! So below are a good way to teach kids numbers, just from 0-5.


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