Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Assignment and Reflection

My third assignment for the Craft of Writing was about retelling a story. Initially I tried to craft up a story about abortion, which I found it excruciatingly difficult to write, as neither was I ever pregnant nor had I ever done an abortion! *touch wood. So I tried and I wrote and I procrastinated for two weeks, all the way till the day before handing up day - a pretty Monday morning after a good 10-hour sleep. I woke up with this story I knew exactly a year back. Retold by an old man I chatted with in Pulau Ubin during class outing. And I actually wrote about it in one of my blog entries!

I jumped out of my bed, revised my entry, and starting writing it to see if the story was long enough to be stretched till 450 words. Okay. Looks good. But when I started writing the entire piece, I realise I've overshot by almost double! So now the excruciating task is to cut cut and cut! Every word eliminated seemed like cutting out a piece of flesh and memory from my body. They were precious stuff. And the story was really sad.. It's a tragedy not because of people's flaws, but because of people's helplessness towards power and control.

May be I should post it here one day.


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