Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Second day was spent at Terengganu - the famous state for turtles to lay eggs. I think I can understand why turtles would love the beaches here. The sand is soft and loose, warm and dry. It carresses your feet gently, tickles them, but never injure them. But entering the city feels like entering a new country. I've never seen so many Malays together before! It was almost like we were the only Chinese people walking around. Malays would love to celebrate their Hari Raya here. Cuz it's simply Malay~

Terengganu is famous for petroleum and natural gas extraction. The extraction plants behind us were rampant along the roads.

Presenting to you the Pantai Teluk Bidara! The beach with crystal clear water and soft colourful sand! Best of all was that there weren't anyone there! So basically we had the beach to ourselves!

Natural escalator. The sand was so soft that by stepping on it, it will send you slowly down to the lower ground.

Tinted with a ray of sunset

Truly Kampung... Atap houses surrounded by coconut trees in a lush green land with faint mountains as backdrops.


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