Saturday, December 16, 2006

A good deed a day keeps the karma away!

Went out with Janice for shopping today! And guess where was the destination? It was shockingly shockingly Jurong Point! What a disapPOINTment. But anyway shopping with her never fails to bring me suprising embarrassment. And loads of laughters too! She wanted to get a coin pouch, so I told her to just stand in the walkway and scream, 'I want a coin pouch', then an angel will fulfil her wish! So I helped her to scream, and immediately we saw the poster hanging on the pillar. Reads: 'coin pouch at 50 cents with every $20 purchase!' Wan Xin's words are full of prophecy. Haha..

Then while walking out of toilet, she stepped on my sandals from the back. And as I was on continuous motion, my foot continued to move forward. So the thin strap cut into my flesh, causing me to send out a long loud wail, which drew attention. Thanks a lot for that Janice. And I will always remember our mechanical nods and hand shakes to follow the music. Haha.

Anyway after sending her off, it started raining. I was reluctant to get wet so I chose to stay inside Jurong Point again to walk around. Then I saw this grant-a-wish activity set up by NUS students. It's an event for public to grant the wish of children from different homes or hospice. You buy them the presents they want instead of donating money. I helped to buy 'shinny and colour pens' for an 8 years old girl. Hope she likes it. Even though this was unexpected expenditure, I felt happy about it.

Perhaps we have been too preoccupied with our live to notice the simple wishes of the others. We care too much about what we need to acknowledge the needs of the others. As I was buying it, my heart was slightly aching. Ouch there goes my white leather bag in Bugis. Then I started wondering. Why am I always placing myself before others? I want the bag, but a little girl out there wants some pens too. They are equivalent wishes. But why not for this time, I just not get the bag, but fulfil others' needs? Let me learn to sacrifice for others.

And I have gladly done so. :) And taught myself a precious lesson. :)


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