Thursday, December 28, 2006

Results out

It was okaayy.. But I am just disappointed that I wasn't serious enough in my studies.. especially at the last mugging stage. I was just fooling around. Whatever results I got, no matter how great it was(if it was even great), it's not my 100%. And that's something cannot forgive myself for. I need to be more serious. This doesn't mean that I will be 24/7 mugger, but it means I WILL mug during mugging time, and not procrastinating around.
'As long as you have put in 100% effort, even if you only get 50 marks, you still score 100%; if you have only put in 50% effort, even if you get 100 marks, you only score 50%.' I created this quote quite some time ago, and have shared with many friends. And it wouldn't make sense if I don't follow it myself. March on! Learn from lesson, and I can always try my 100% in the future!
And I will do it. *smilez*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey! i'm sorry i forgot ur blog address... how did u find mine? oh wait, lemme guess - it was so simple and easy to remember. and u were missing me so much u had to drop me a line =D

don't worry about results lah... being ambitious gets you nothing in life. just do what u can do - get out of ur comfort zone but don't go crazy - it's not worth it. for some people, if they don't procrastinate at all, they could lose their sanity. sanity must remain intact. MUST!

and ur result can never be worse than mine. but hey, that's what results are supposed to do - show u that ur an underachiever. it all starts from the corporations...

[lol... i'm in one of my pre-sleep paranoid moods. that's why i stay away from my own blog. hehe] add me! - nubeals@hotmail

3:11 AM  
Blogger w a n x i n said...

dear nabeel,
Thanks so much for your encouragement! It's simply heart-warming.
And yes I am losing my sanity recently.. Ooh..

4:25 AM  

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