Sunday, December 24, 2006

Shine your light on the world

Today's the annual class gathering again. And again I can't make it.. *sobs* Hope 73 peeps are enjoying yourself, hopefully still with the whines, the claps, and the lame jokes. And this entry is a tribute to the class to make up for my absence.

Was flipping through the class diary recently. The title of this entry 'Shine your light on the world', was actually the words written on the cover page of the class diary.Digged it out from the box of my jc notes. Was giving myself a hard time trying to decipher who's handwriting it is for every entry, since most of our class didn't have a habit of leaving names below our entries, which was reasonable THEN. Now, it posts a little more difficulties. But some people's handwriting (such as POW's) are just so distinguishable! Hoho.

Below are some of the excerpts that I thought was totally worth mentioning here. In the same order as their appearance in the diary. Colours used are the pen ink used then.

Our warm greeting/warning to the indian cleaner who cruelly disposed our first-2-months memories crafted in the previous 2 class diaries.

What Xavier does during physics and bio lect.
First: sleep and sleep.....
Next: Go toilet until bio lect starts.
Next: copy physics notes durin bio lect...
4th: Repeat first step

The modus operandi of Xavier.

How are we supposed to digest the lecture notes w/o lecture notase? (May be cellulase?)
Desperate attempt to survive in HC.

Qn: Why does Ms Ong hate hour-glass but adore 2nm?
ans: Hour-glass -> insult to her figure. 2nm -> reflects her figure completely...err...maybe it's 2km??? =)

2 light years!!
Does Miss Ong have a hunk bf from NJ in the end?

Beng Beng's dress sense has reached new heights!!! Haha... it has got hypnotic properties todae!
Beng Beng's dress sense is always our favourite topic.
Oh man.. I'm feeling dizzy! zzzzz

Class favourite song.

Shall end off wif a few words... A FEW WORDS!!!
Choon Siang's freezing humour.

Bio: reflection after being slaughtered in the first test
- i'm sorry that i'm very obedient in following instructions, that I write everything within given lines, when in reality those out of given lines are also counted.
- i'm sorry that my handwriting is too big that even when I'm given the model answer, i would not be able to squeeze them all into the given lines.
I'll allocate more time to study GP b4 exams so as to understand what the question is talking about.

Monstrous Bio training in Hwa Chong, that imposed unattainable demands. But eventually, we did benefit from it, lah.

Nirmala in pajamas
are jumpin down 'e stairs~
Nirmalas in pajamas
are chasing teddy bears
Nirmalas in pajamas are eating rotten pears~
"N1, are u tinking wat i'm tinkin?"
"Yes, N2, i tink i'm tinking wat u're tinkin."

More making fun of teachers.

Tossing Jaspar into the sea will result in water pollution or eutrophication cos he has so many micro-organisms living of him.
Memorable ECP outing. Don't know why we chose the heaviest to throw into the sea. Wonder if the fishes are still alive.

The day Jaspar's thought he would die. But apparently his imminent death won no sympathy from us! Hoho..

"Bewitched, bothered, bewildered" Is this a fair description of the relationship between miss wong's lecture and us. Discuss"
A magical combination of GP (General Paper) and Bio.

Something is wrong with blogger. It refused to upload the rest of the pics. So story ends here.. *sobs*

Yes I have to admit that I still haven't photocopied it to those who wanted it cuz I have already lost the list. Oops. Those who want it may tell me again.


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